Key graphic from Victor Iannello’s latest paper

MH370 researcher Victor Iannello says it is possible to interpret the Lido Hotel graphic that authorities showed to the next of kin of those onboard as showing a fighter jet chasing the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 7770200ER out into the northern approaches to the Straits of Malacca.

It’s an important paper for a number of reasons, including the serious doubts that exist about the completeness as well as overall integrity of the information released by Malaysian authorities about the disappearance of the flight, with 239 people onboard almost three years ago on March 8, 2014.

Whether the possible inferences Victor Iannello raises in his latest paper is beside the point. The authorities have been persistently and stubbornly unwilling to explain in detail the province of the graphic they showed to those most damaged by the loss of family and relatives.

At the end of the paper he says:

If this hypothesis considered here is true, it would answer some important questions about the radar data. But it would also raise even more questions about how Malaysia responded to MH370 after it disappeared from civilian radar screens and flew back across the Malay peninsula and above the Malacca Strait. If the theory is correct, it also would raise important questions about why Malaysia chose to keep this high-speed chase a secret.

It’s notable that Malaysia’s authorities have resisted any further explanation of these matters for so long. But the questions will continue to dog them until they come clean.

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