Emirates responds unfairly to US anti ME airline laptop bans

Satire, in part

Let’s try to be nice to the lunatics running amok in the White House and assume that the terrorist intelligence Donald Trump bragged to the Russians about was real, and even something they didn’t know about, however implausible such an error in the Kremlin might seem.

Trump’s immediate duty wouldn’t have been to shut down just a small portion of the world’s air activity, comprising selected Middle East flights to US cities by carriers who make American carriers look like so nasty they’ll be assaulting ticket holding non Caucasian passengers in the blink of an eye before we know it.

The chief executive’s clearest of obligations to the Ahmurican people (and I am proudly half American and almost completely white) would have been to have grounded all flights into the USA with alacrity.

Where was this goose during 9/11? While a total and without warning grounding might actually seem like overkill, if Trump and his clowns seriously believed the IRS, oops different terrorists, the ISS, were going to blow up jets with bombs that would fit into an iPhone, they wouldn’t be conducting lengthy consultations with US carriers and European authorities that will now drag on until at least next Monday or Tuesday according to latest reports.

(The ATW report linked to may require 30 second of your time to take out a free subscription. It’s worth doing it in the same time you will waste on Instagraming your adoring fans a photo of your morning smashed avocado $24 snack spread over you third negatively geared speculative-home-investment-finance-agonies-toast in that cute little shop off Macquarie Street).

The only reasonable inference that can be taken about the continued delays in the White House actually striking first on receipt of a credible bomb-in-a-laptop threat is that it is 99 percent bullsh*t. Come to think of it, even a genuine 1 percent probability of a real threat would have required much more in terms of urgency and action than we have seen so far.

Our PM Malcallum Trimble would not be dropping obsequious hints about Australia possibly enacting similar bans. Mr Trumbomb would have already dispatch warships to help the inevitably stranded personal device clutching air travellers dotted all over the islands between here and there complete their journeys, with special places provided for the last refugees awaiting transport from Manus Island to Manhattan of course.

This shouldn’t be a joke. Security and anti-terrorism measures are in fact very serious matters, and their anticipation, management and any necessary interventions are not to be telegraphed days in advance in the public manner of the circus now in full swing in Washington DC.

What happens next could prove of critical important to Qantas, and business and leisure travel in general.

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