This Boeing 777, 9M-MRO was operating flight MH370 when it vanished

A key element in some conspiracy theories about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 can be dismissed following the release of all of the data generated between the Boeing 777 and an Inmarsat communications satellite during the fateful flight that left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing in March 2014.

Until now, independent researchers only had access to an incomplete satellite data file that had been deliberately redacted or edited without explanation.

However Victor Iannello, part of the Independent Group of MH370 researchers has received what appears to be the complete data set from a China national and next of kin of one of the 239 people who were on MH370, which he had received from Malaysia Airlines.

In a post on his MH370 website Mr Iannello publishes the supporting correspondence between Malaysia Airlines and the next of kin, including the conditions the airline placed on its release.

There is nothing in the complete data that would immediately cast a new light on the possible causes of the loss of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER nor support social media assertions that the previously redacted data had been chosen for removal to hide ‘the truth’ whatever that might be.

There is something plaintive about the airline’s email, admitting that it doesn’t actually understand the data sets it has forwarded.

Please find attached the Inmarsat data, for your info. Please note that these are raw data as you have requested. The authorities agree to release the data, on condition that:

  1. We will not translate the data into any meaningful information as the data is proprietary to Inmarsat. The Malaysian Investigation team does not have any experts to translate these data into any meaningful information.
  2. We will not translate the data into any other language, including Mandarin.
  3. These data are complete and obtained from Inmarsat. Please do not manipulate the data.

I know, by having these data, you will have more questions, but I have to say that we are providing these data to satisfy your request, but we cannot answer any questions on the data because we too, cannot understand it. Only the experts from Inmarsat can.

 Hope you understand.

 Thank you

The data sets include all of the transmissions between the aircraft and the satellite on the previous flight, from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur.  Plane Talking has been told that other investigators who have reviewed those sets have found that various technical anomalies including some involving reduced signal strength are common to the data from the Beijing-Kuala Lumpur flight and the following flight that vanished while flying back to Beijing at a point where it was over the Gulf of Thailand.

(I don’t have permission at this stage to identify those emails, and am currently involved in medical treatment which limits my on-line time.)

A question not addressed by this development is why the authorities in Malaysia should have so persistently ignored or refused media and individual researcher requests for the full data sets.

The most likely answer this reporter can suggest is that it isn’t in the DNA of Malaysia’s authorities, nor for that matter much of public administration in Australia or the ‘West’ to respond to such questions.

That reluctance was made abundantly obvious during the 2014 media briefings circuses held by authorities in Kuala Lumpur in the early stages of this mystery. Public authorities, whether in Whitehall in London, or in Canberra, or in Kuala Lumpur, do not answer to media or public individuals unless they are in total control of the process and the outcomes, and in many cases, only after going through an often protracted process of getting Executive branch approval.

In the case of Inmarsat, its data may be truly incomprehensible to 99.9 percent of the interested laity, but it has been very obvious for some time that potential or real competitors to Inmarsat might see in a full data critical clues to unlocking proprietary secrets.

This part of the saga concerning the satellite data is almost certainly not over. But for those that are interested in the difficult to comprehend technical side of the MH370 mystery, the satellite data may not contain anything that will help locate the jet with precision, even if all of the ‘secrets’ within it are laid bare.

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