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Jul 6, 2017

US laptop ban collapses with no evidence of claims of original mini-bomb threat

It has taken more than three months for the US to back down on apparently fictitious claims of a micro bomb risk on selected ME carriers and routes

Emirates is no longer selectively disadvantaged by claims of a never proven security threat

America’s selective bans on laptops being carried by passengers inside the cabins of successful Middle East carriers including Emirates and Etihad  has now all but totally collapsed, apart from Qatar Airways at this hour.

The roll back of the widely ridiculed restrictions is proceeding faster than news services can post updates, and the wilful dangers imposed on airlines and their passengers of having to pack lithium-ion battery powered devices in harder to reach under cabin floor locations have all but totally receded.

But the fact remains that it took more than three months for the Trump administration to revoke a manifestly stupid and ill-informed decision which caused serious inconvenience to a large number of travellers on key routes into the US.

No evidence was ever produced by the US authorities to support the claim, late in March, that there was evidence of an intention for terrorists to place very small amounts of explosives inside devices such as smart phones or small laptops where they could by unspecified means, be combined into bigger bombs or individually detonated.

The new American position is that the Mad March Bans on personal electronic devices carried in cabins on certain airlines and routes can be voided by the implementation of better security measures on passengers departing from those cities to the US.  These ‘better’ measures seem very, very similar to those that are currently in use.

While terrorism risks are a matter of immense concern for airlines and their customers, so is casual and contemptible lying by authorities.



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