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Jul 22, 2017

Scoot begs for free fare plugs from a media that is deaf and near death

Scoot has dished up its first big discount sale in Australia after swallowing the Tigerair networks in Asia

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

Maybe Virgin didn’t want to repaint its Tigerair fleet as Scoot after learning it had to look like this 787.

Low fare airlines like Scoot just don’t get it: The days of cheap airlines getting free plugs for special sales from the general media are over.

In fact, the general media at times seems to be nearly over full stop, at least when it comes to print, although web sites that cover themselves with stories categorized as ‘brand discoveries’ suggest a similar trajectory to total irrelevance is being flown by at least some of the efforts to migrate to the on-line space.

The only significant thing in the latest attempt by Scoot to get this site to lavish free coverage of a fare sale to readers who generally get their bargain kicks out of full service carriers like Scoot parent Singapore Airlines is that it is the first to combine its deals with those of Tigerair, which will disappear as a brand everywhere except Australia later in the new week.

The puzzling thing about the taking over of the Tigerair brand by Scoot is that so far there have been no attempts by the now isolated Tigerair Australia brand owned by Virgin Australia to flog dirt cheap fares on the now rebranded and combined Scoot/Tigerair (Singapore) network.

Maybe there will be later this week. Maybe Virgin Australia and Tigerair Australia have other more pressing things on their mind. But Virgin Australia Holdings is one fifth owned by Singapore Airlines, so one would have expected Virgin to be doing its bit to integrate its Tigerair offerings with those of Scoot on behalf of one of its major equity holders.

Meanwhile, Scoot doesn’t seem to need any help from the media, dead or dying as it may be, to succeed in Australia, if the latest operational guidance from SingaporeAir is taken into account.

People looking for a bargain are giving Scoot good load factors in this part of the world.  Whether they will give Scoot (or any similar brand) a second chance to break their backsides and kneecaps on rock hard tiny seats for about the same total price as a bargain deal on a full service carrier like Singapore Airlines is another matter.

But if Scoot really thinks it needs to spread its message further with detailed media stories, it needs to cough up the cash for some ads.

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