An ex-Tigerair A320 wearing the Scoot livery

A day after the last Tigerair (Singapore) branded flight took off Scoot has drip fed news that Honolulu to be its ‘first US city’, with 787 flights from Singapore to start by June 2018.

Of potential interest, and both ways, in the Australian market is Scoot’s adding of Harbin to its China destinations in the same period, with more details yet to come.

Tigerair (Singapore) is now fully merged operationally with Scoot, with the first of its Airbus A320s repainted in the lemon meringue livery worn by the once exclusively wide body 787 fleet of other brand in Singapore Airline’s low cost operations.

Scoot CEO Mr Lee Lik Hsin also says in a PR statement that Kuching and Kuantan in Malaysia, and Palembang in Indonesia would be added to the enlarged low cost carrier’s shorter haul destinations from its Singapore airport hub.

The focus of Scoot’s network growth is very much on the emerging middle class consumers of China and SE Asia in general, with Australia seen more as a destination than a long term source of customers.

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