Emirates Tim Clark (left) and Alan Joyce briefly tending the bar on an EK A380

Qantas and Emirates are seeking approval to extend their powerful commercial alliance, and have called a media briefing at which to discuss this further.

This post will be replaced or augmented with details of that conference but not until the writer has an opportunity (on a different screen) to consult some other contacts.

It is likely that changes to the deployment of the A380s that Qantas operates through Dubai from Sydney to London may be canvassed.

Qantas has already decided not to continue with the Melbourne to London dailies with the big Airbus prior to the launch of 787-9 Dreamliner services from Melbourne to Los Angeles late this year, in advance of one stop London flights by the small Boeing twin-jet from Melbourne via Perth next year.

Last week Qantas said there would be further changes to its deployment of its fleet of 12 A380s on the occasion of its June 30 yearly profit results. The city focus for the QF A380s appears to include Hong Kong, where arch frenemy Cathay Pacific is vulnerable to lack of capacity.

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