Don’t fret, Air Canada loves visual approaches to Vancouver in its 787s

Canada is gaining momentum as a source as well as destination for tourism, with Air Canada starting a third non-stop route to Vancouver, this time from Melbourne, from June 3 next year.

The flights, on a 787-9 Dreamliner, will join a roster of similarly year round services daily from Sydney and Brisbane.

Air Canada said it would make the service a convenient way to access some US cities, notably including Boston, compared to itineraries offered by other airlines over other west coast US cities.

The introduction in June 2018 of a year-round service from Australia’s second largest city will follow the completion of a seasonal service between Melbourne and Vancouver from 3 December 2017 to 4 February 2018 (the peak northern hemisphere winter period).

Air Canada said it would use a three class configuration in business class, premium economy and economy for the flights. The writer’s enthusiastic support for the hip bone crushing long haul experience of tight fit Dreamliner economy class is well known, but he is also a Canada travel tragic.

Virgin Australia, Air Canada’s partner in this country, will provide flights that connect readily with the new Melbourne-Vancouver flights from Tasmanian and South Australia and Perth.

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