Sep 1, 2017

Air Canada to fly three Dreamliner 787s to Australia daily

Canada mounts tourism mountain in Oz, and wants a bit of the US on the side

Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

Don’t fret, Air Canada loves visual approaches to Vancouver in its 787s

Canada is gaining momentum as a source as well as destination for tourism, with Air Canada starting a third non-stop route to Vancouver, this time from Melbourne, from June 3 next year.

The flights, on a 787-9 Dreamliner, will join a roster of similarly year round services daily from Sydney and Brisbane.

Air Canada said it would make the service a convenient way to access some US cities, notably including Boston, compared to itineraries offered by other airlines over other west coast US cities.

The introduction in June 2018 of a year-round service from Australia’s second largest city will follow the completion of a seasonal service between Melbourne and Vancouver from 3 December 2017 to 4 February 2018 (the peak northern hemisphere winter period).

Air Canada said it would use a three class configuration in business class, premium economy and economy for the flights. The writer’s enthusiastic support for the hip bone crushing long haul experience of tight fit Dreamliner economy class is well known, but he is also a Canada travel tragic.

Virgin Australia, Air Canada’s partner in this country, will provide flights that connect readily with the new Melbourne-Vancouver flights from Tasmanian and South Australia and Perth.

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12 thoughts on “Air Canada to fly three Dreamliner 787s to Australia daily

  1. ghostwhowalksnz

    Via Vancouver is one of the quickest one stop ways to get to New York, but one of the most expensive on last minute fares.
    In the pre war days, the shipping services from Australia to Canada ( via stop overs in NZ) were run by the Union Steam Ship Co of NZ ( a P&O subsidiary since 1917), their liners were Niagara Aorangi, amoung others.
    Canadian Pacific used to fly to Australia but I dont think their liners had a service to the South Pacific, inspite of one being named Empress of Australia. The air line CP used DC6s and then Bristol Britannias until replaced by DC-8s on their services to Sydney and Auckland

    1. Ben Sandilands

      Good historic memories at work there Ghost. I don’t recall any of their Britannias making it into service to Sydney before they turned up with original series DC-8s which may have tagged over from Auckland. Stress ‘may.’ I had a relative who worked as a cabin attendant for your for them and for Northwest when it was also ‘Orient’ and she said the “Whispering Giant” as the Britannia was marketed was know to staff as the “Screaming Memies”. I never flew on one, probably fortunately, as the hull loss rate was pretty high with some dodgy UK holiday charter outfits. I do recall reading that Canadian Pacific over-rotated an early model Comet in Pakistan when it was en route to Australia in the early ’50s, killing all on board. Very different bilterals must have been in play then, and I’m puzzled by a lack of any historic references on searching for Comet IIs actually turning up in Australia or NZ. Maybe a mystery for a quieter moment. I did fly Canadian Pacific DC-10s on the route from Sydney to Vancouver in the 80s, and also 737-200s in the Yukon. Cheers

  2. Jacob HSR

    Will they fly daily to MEL or 3 times per week?

    A couple of articles say that MEL to Vancouver will be 3-4 times per week.

    “Air Canada flies daily from Vancouver to Sydney with Boeing 777-200LRs, with the airline sometimes using larger 777-300ERs during peak periods.”

    1. comet

      Wouldn’t it be more comfortable for Perth and Adelaide folk to use Virgin Australia flights to link to the Air Canada 777 out of Sydney, rather than the cramped 787 out of Melbourne?

      1. Jacob HSR

        Comet, I reside in Vic. And I said the headline is wrong. Air Canada will not fly daily to MEL.

        PER people can go via HKG to avoid a 14 hour leg (SYD-YVR). Cathay Pacific is no more expensive than going via Virgin and Air Canada. PER people can go via AKL and save hundreds of $. Air NZ flies to YVR 7 days per week in January but less often during other months.

        ADL people are hard done by. No flights to AUH, none to BKK, and only 5 flights per week to HKG!

        1. Ben Sandilands


          Pay attention man. The headline is correct. You are confusing last year’s media release about the seasonal roster with the new development reported here and also by numerous other sites such as this one.

          I try to be as methodical as possible in writing stories, but I think it is reasonable to ask that readers actually read and understand the material I quote from. I don’t make things up, which is your inference.

          1. Jacob HSR

            Ben, I am not saying that you are making things up. But other articles say that Air Canada will not fly MEL to YVR on a daily basis.

  3. Roger

    I want to know when I can book these Mel-Yvr flights. Air Canada’s website booking engine route me via Brisbane or Sydney and their call centre doesn’t know when the non-stop flights will be bookable. Unhappy!

    1. comet

      Why would you want to be tightly compressed in a 787?

      Take the 777LR out of Sydney.

      1. [email protected]

        There is the conundrum for Melbournites. Its a lose/lose.
        Put up with a 787 or put up with transit through Sydney.
        Which is worse?

      2. beardfear

        Air Canada has gone 10-across in all of their 777s now, so you’ll be squeezed tight either way.

  4. Dan Dair

    I’m a bit miffed at the B787 continuing to be referred to as the Dreamliner™.

    Surely it’s appropriate for ONLY the aircraft which are configured in the original 2-3-2 setup in economy, to retain that title.?

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