Seen near Seattle overnight, a fully dressed Qantas Dreamliner

Looking good, the first Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner (and the 615th production model from Boeing)  has left the paint shop in America prior to all the acceptance and pre-delivery work that it will do before arriving in Sydney on October 20.

This is one of eight such 787s in the first tranche of Dreamliner deliveries to Qantas.

After some domestic familiarisation flights in November the 236 seat airliner is set to begin international flights on the Melbourne-Los Angeles route in December.  In March next year it will also begin Melbourne-Perth-London flights which will be the first scheduled non-stop services between an Australian city and the UK.

Just think, if 18 of those 236 seats were removed to allow the originally intended eight across seating in economy to be installed instead of a punitive nine across format, most of those on board could fly in as much comfort as is possible in an A380 today!

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