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Ben Sandilands — Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands

Editor of Plane Talking

Ben Sandilands has reported and analysed the mechanical mobility of humanity since late 1960 - the end of the age of great scheduled ocean liners and coastal steamers and the start of the jet age. He’s worked in newspapers, radio and TV in a wide range of roles as a journalist at home and abroad for 56 years, the last 18 freelance.


AF447 spotlight falls on blocked sensor tubes

Ben SandilandsJun 7, 2009

The spotlight in the AF447 crash investigation has been applied to the three pitot tubes on the outside of the A330-200 which were being replaced world wide because of a history of faul

AF447's last messages point to the 'dragons' that can destroy a jet

AF447’s last messages point to the ‘dragons’ that can destroy a jet

Ben SandilandsJun 5, 200911 Comments

[caption id="attachment_1646" align="aligncenter" width="384" caption="Each line logs an ACARS message which itself is a string of code in letters and numbers not shown here. The me

AF447 flown at wrong speed through turbulence prior to in-flight breakup according to Le Monde

Ben SandilandsJun 4, 20097 Comments

Le Monde is reporting

Sky worrier TV comes to Australia

Ben SandilandsJun 4, 2009

Someone at Tiger has either had a brilliant idea, or will never work in airlines again after the impending launch of Air Ways, one of Channel 7's coming 'attractions'. On the one h

AF447 speculation in tatters

Ben SandilandsJun 4, 20092 Comments

As usual early in air accident inquiries, there is growing confusion over what happened in what sequence to Air France flight AF447 early on 1 June over the mid Atlantic. It all seem

AF447 update

AF447 update

Ben SandilandsJun 4, 2009

There was a bomb threat made against an Air France flight prior to departure for Paris from Buenos Aires last Wednesday. No bomb was found. Reports in Paris and technical commen

AF447 mid-air breakup evidence raises new discussions about the last signals sent to Paris

Ben SandilandsJun 3, 200919 Comments

There is what could be described as technically informed speculation amongst airline professionals in Australia and abroad that AF447 broke apart in flight at or near 35,000 feet and fe

Angry Flyers Lounge-CASA is fixing the poor state of air safety in far northern Queensland

Ben SandilandsJun 3, 2009

An anonymous informant who made a detailed complaint about what he or she saw as inadequate safety oversight in far northern Queensland and on routes to Palm Island in particular appe

Wreckage sighted, tabloid lies exposed, and terrorism not ruled out in Air France crash

Ben SandilandsJun 3, 20092 Comments

In the second period of daylight in the AF447 search zone some widespread wreckage, not yet confirmed as coming from the missing jet has been spotted from the air in conditions of gener

The Air France mid Atlantic mystery will be hard to unravel

The Air France mid Atlantic mystery will be hard to unravel

Ben SandilandsJun 1, 20099 Comments

Why Woolworths & Qantas hope you don't count the cost of 'free flights' from buying groceries

Why Woolworths & Qantas hope you don’t count the cost of ‘free flights’ from buying groceries

Ben SandilandsJun 1, 20091 Comment

The other day Jetstar emailed me a $100 voucher just for booking a flight and agreeing to be on their direct marketing data base. Which will undercut anything I could earn in ter

Angry Flyers Lounge-Qantas stuffs up an economy Plus upgrade offer

Ben SandilandsMay 29, 20091 Comment

There have been a few calls about this but this is the most succinct account of what seems to have been a Qantas promotion gone wrong:- G'day, Being a blunt

Qantas posts some bad numbers that also look good

Qantas posts some bad numbers that also look good

Ben SandilandsMay 29, 2009

The provisional Qantas traffic figures for April and the 10 months to the end of April show that it continues to shrink on domestic routes while Virgin Blue and Tiger and its own Jetsta

The Airbus debut that made headlines for just over a day

The Airbus debut that made headlines for just over a day

Ben SandilandsMay 29, 20093 Comments

The A300 was only expected to sell around 300 jets, it didn't fly until 28 October 1972, and it struggled in the market until the second half of the 70s, when large orders began to

Not quite a credit cardiac bypass but cash cards likely to fly

Ben SandilandsMay 28, 20091 Comment

Tiger Airways has extended the option to use debit or 'cash' cards to all its fares. This will cut out its total of $10 in credit card 'convenience fees' for both parts of a return

Guten tag, your papers, and full name please

Ben SandilandsMay 27, 20091 Comment

Ever since shortly after 9/11 regular travellers have been made aware by their travel agents and some media reports of the merits of ensuring that you book flights in your name precisel

Jetstar opens lounge, shuts out Qantas free loaders

Jetstar opens lounge, shuts out Qantas free loaders

Ben SandilandsMay 27, 20092 Comments

In a bold bid for headlines, Jetstar is refusing to admit Qantas Club members to its new lounge at the Gold Coast airport for free. It sounds like war between the Qantas brands, whic

Can the airlines kick their credit card fee addictions?

Ben SandilandsMay 27, 20095 Comments

Tiger Airways has hit the anger button for anyone who hates bank fees and credit card charges. They have dropped the $5 'convenience fee' on a new range of 'raw' fares for anyone usi