August, 2017

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Qantas scores 2nd highest profit, announces A380 upgrades and more

, Aug 25, 2017

Despite a profit dip Qantas has a lot of good news to deliver this morning
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Virgin Australia’s ‘guests’ are today’s winners from its losses

, Aug 10, 2017

Australia's main airline customers continue to be 'spoiled rotten' as Virgin improves its financial situation
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Fortunes of SingaporeAir and Etihad appear to be rising

, Jul 27, 2017

Can Etihad do a Qantas style massive writedown and profit from it? Is SingaporeAir on a roll? What might they try to with their Virgin Australia investments?
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Singapore Airlines flies into smoother skies, for a month at least

, Jul 19, 2017

Not everything is gloomy in the airline game, with the SingaporeAir group getting on top of the problem of excess capacity
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Cathay Pacific suffers serious reversal of fortune, but fights on

, Mar 15, 2017

Does anyone have a convincing answer to the problems besetting Cathay Pacific?

Qantas first half year results drop statutory profit by one quarter

, Feb 23, 2017

All things considered, Qantas has reported strong results in a weaker trading environment in the December half year
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Qantas makes record $1.53 billion profits, pays dividend, staff bonus

, Aug 24, 2016

Dividend drought ends with 7 cents share payout, staff get $3000 bonuses, group makes record profits across major operating segments
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Virgin Australia lost $224.7 million in full year to June 30

, Jul 28, 2016

Virgin Australia has posted a set of numbers that reinforce the view that the best investment in air travel is an airport car parking franchise
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Emirates posts record profits while making less in Australia

, May 10, 2016

Emirates' record profits may also explain why its Middle East rivals have their own big ambitions for the Australian-World market
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Virgin Australia to downsize domestic capacity by 5% this quarter

, May 02, 2016

With a profit result similar to a well run small suburban business, is it not time for Virgin Australia to radically change course?