June, 2017

Turbulence at top, or business as usual, for Virgin Australia?

, Jun 30, 2017

Does a dive down the exit chute by Virgin's group executive John Thomas means things will be better or worse for its 'guests'?
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Is another blue day on the way for Virgin Australia?

, May 20, 2017

Virgin Australia isn’t going to succeed by becoming a super-Qantas product, or even one which charges more ancillary fees that its stronger competitor
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James Hogan, Etihad, from 22 to 120 jets in 10 years

, Jan 24, 2017

Whatever happens next for James Hogan and Etihad, it will keep both deeply involved in the development of Abu Dhabi as a finance and aviation hub
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Virgin AGM spared excitement of pending new announcements

, Nov 16, 2016

There was some good news at Virgin Australia's AGM, but the topics that excite consumers aren't yet ShowTime ready
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Cathay Pacific in profit crisis warning

, Oct 13, 2016

With the benefit of hindsight Cathay Pacific seems to have prepared for this news for weeks
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Emirates hires the top gun when it comes to airlines in crisis

, Jun 28, 2016

Malaysia Airlines' CEO Christoph Mueller to join Emirates, whose President Tim Clark has rejected the official narratives about MH370
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James Hogan heads giant new Etihad airline Group

, May 09, 2016

The sovereign owners of Abu Dhabi based Etihad Airways have consolidated control of their global airline investments in a new entity lead by James Hogan
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Qantas AGM likely to focus on future rather than past

, Oct 23, 2015

If as Senator Nick Xenophon reminded us in this Fairfax opinion piece, Qantas had successfully extracted a $3 billion unsecured loan from the Abbott Government early in 2014, there would have been some dramatic consequences.
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Safety and financial concerns close in on Thai International

, Jul 27, 2015

The ‘real’ news about Thai International is getting worse as safety and financial performance concerns generate negative headlines in Bangkok.
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Qantas is in the money, but what might it do with it?

, Jul 04, 2015

Qantas has arrived at a place it never foresaw when it asked the Abbott Government for a $3 billion unsecured loan early last year, nor when fuel benchmarks in USD were twice what they have been in recent times.