January, 2017

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China-UK ‘blockade buster’ export train is on its way to London

, Jan 04, 2017

China's long game in economic power plays will see it put a train load of cheap imports into a London freight yard just as Donald Trump arrives at the White House
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Another Sydney commuter dream? Short higher speed rail!

, Jun 30, 2016

Want a fast train in Australia? How about starting with short, high frequency routes financed by housing developers?
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Hold the jokes, sense spoken briefly about high speed rail today

, Apr 11, 2016

The longest election campaign in Australian history meets the fastest trains it might never get, yet again
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PM advances Badgerys Creek Airport rail link to opening day

, Mar 11, 2016

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcing that the Sydney West airport at Badgerys Creek will be rail ready on its opening is a signal that public transport is one of his policy commitments that hasn’t been hand braked by the coalition’s conservative power brokers.
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60 years ago Sydney opened its worst transport mistake

, Jan 20, 2016

It is 60 years since Sydney’s Circular Quay rail station opened, driving the final nail into the coffin of its original 2nd harbour rail crossing.
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Govt lunacy and vandalism comes to Sydney’s railways

, May 11, 2015

The prolonged and childish destruction of the functionality of the Epping to Chatswood rail link is only just sinking in for Sydney commuters, while the asset sale supposed to fund a second (actually third) harbour train crossing is being undermined by advances in renewable energy technology.
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Japan’s new maglev train speed record still comes up short

, Apr 22, 2015

Another tantalizing glimpse of the future of high speed surface transport came with this week’s setting of a 603 kmh speed record by Japan’s test Maglev train project.
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Sydney opens two more rail stations for $1.8 billion

, Feb 09, 2015

Sydney has just opened an extravagently costly SW Rail Link which will never, ever, be able to accommodate the trains that will be run on its incomplete NW Rail Link after it opens in four years time.
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Eurostar, like Emirates, promises free wi-fi for all

, Nov 18, 2014

Coming after a week in which other media carried stories about airline passengers being ‘robbed’ of up to $1200 in an in-flight wi-fi  ‘gotcha’ for going past their paid data allocation there were two good news stories,  from Emirates, the airline, and Eurostar, the high speed rail network.
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NSW Govt confirms it will vandalise Epping-Chatswood rail line

, Sep 17, 2014

As reported in the Fairfax media and Plane Talking previously the NSW government has confirmed it will physically  and deliberately destroy the heavy rail capabilities of the almost brand new Chatswood-Epping rail line to pursue its toy train set ambitions for the NW Rail Link from Epping to Cudgegong Road.
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Dallas does a light rail link to DFW for a mere $US 2.50

, Aug 19, 2014

The light rail link that opened between Dallas Fort Worth airport and downtown Dallas overnight mightn’t be all that useful to Qantas passengers flying to DFW to do business in the sprawling Texas city but check out the fare, just $US 2.50! It’s a stunning reminder that the funding and pricing of private public partnership […]
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Rail lunacy in Sydney goes beyond botched Opal card

, Jul 31, 2014

Commentary  Bureacratic and ideologically driven madness is the natural enemy of good people in public office, and the hard working NSW Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian, could be said to be much more the victim rather than cause of the so called Opal smart card for commuters disaster in Sydney.
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Boeing’s 737 supply chain has Deliverance moment in Montana!

, Jul 06, 2014

Until Independence Day last Friday the only annoying thing that interfered with the long supply chain between Wichita and Renton in Seattle for 737 fuselages was the odd bullet hole.
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The NW link toy tunnels will cripple Sydney’s rail future

, Jun 12, 2014

The warnings keep mounting, Sydney will be cut off from effective use of rail in its public transport services if the narrow tunnels and punitive small trains proposed for the NW Rail Link go ahead in their current form.
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NW Rail Link will visit mid city madness on outer Sydney

, Jun 10, 2014

Not planes but trains, and only in Sydney, where it IS important Earlier today with four hours to kill this reporter visited the nightmare that the northwest railway will inflict on Sydney commuters by catching a few suburban and inner city trains in Paris. (In peak hour. What was I thinking?)
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Sydney’s NorthWest Rail calamity, a last call for sanity

, May 10, 2014

A trains not planes public transport editorial The harbour city may have arrived at its very last chance for the new NSW Premier Mike Baird, to correct a terrible planning calamity on Sydney’s much needed NW Rail link, or it may be too late, and it will have to become an awful monument to flawed […]
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Melbourne Airport railroaded in Victorian election spiel

, Apr 13, 2014

The electorally timely announcement by the Premier of Victoria, Dr Denis Napthine, that a Melbourne Airport-City rail link will be built is taking a hammering in the media as a vote grabbing stunt. But does it have merit?
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Labor’s pitch: High Speed Rail or rich ladies’ babies!

, Aug 26, 2013

Transport related election story The day is barely half over and the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his deputy Anthony Albanese have promoted a high speed rail network between Melbourne and Brisbane via Canberra and Sydney as costing less over the time it takes to build than the opposition leader Tony Abbott’s paid parental leave […]
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Sydney-Melbourne rail report buries blunders with platitudes

, Aug 22, 2013

The final ATSB report into the safety status of the Sydney-Melbourne rail line is not, on close reading, a reassuring document. It would encourage those at either end of the line to fly, which is both cheaper and faster, and those joining the XPTs at the in inbetween towns without air services to hit the […]

US perspectives on airport rail, inflight internet

, Aug 21, 2013

It’s just after roosters in the lightly frozen home of Plane Talking and there are two reads that leap off the screen in a scan of overseas media.