July, 2017

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This might be goodbye to many day return intercity trips

, Jul 31, 2017

Some unwelcome but probably essential changes to transport security are imminent in Australia
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Trump admin struggles to find way out of laptop ban stupidity

, Jun 15, 2017

Educating the Trump administration on the realities of scheduled airline travel security continues to lurch forward
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Who hijacked ABC news over airport ID checks, and why?

, Feb 29, 2016

Although the silly season ended in mid January the ABC just fell for a really dumb call for universal ID checks for passengers on domestic flights.

Boeing unwilling to comment on 777 security issues

, Nov 12, 2014

Boeing is not casting any official light on the concerns that have been raised over the insecure access to an electronics and electrical systems bay located below and behind the floorline of the cockpit of its 777s, including the 777-200ER that was missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. This is Boeing’s response to a request made […]
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Have Libyan jets been stolen for a 9/11 anniversary attack?

, Sep 03, 2014

Read with caution A conservative internet news site, the Washington Free Beacon is claiming that Libyan passenger jets have been stolen and may be used for a suicide 9/11 type attack. There are huge problems of credibility and practicability with the US report

What was Air NZ thinking when it confirmed security flaw in 777s?

, Jul 06, 2014

It’s a holiday weekend in the US and Sunday in the antipodes but the consequences of the PR blunder at Air New Zealand in revealing that locked doors on 777 cockpits can be readily bypassed will be immense.

MH370 Day Three: No crash site or debris yet found or confirmed

, Mar 10, 2014

With Day Three of the search for the Malaysia Airlines 777-200 that went missing early on Saturday morning now more than half over Malaysia’s civil aviation and search and rescue authorities say they don’t have even a single piece of evidence conclusively identifying the airliner or the crash site.

Plane Talking does not use LinkedIn

, Nov 01, 2012

The downside of social media for journalists is the risk of discovery it poses to source confidentiality.