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The silent revolution gathers speed at Qantas

Ben SandilandsJan 24, 2009

The cone of silence is well and truly in play at Qantas as it builds up the number of mobile phone enabled jets in advance of launching in-flight connectivity for the non voice use of s

Gone at last. The biggest looser in the Qantas fleet

Gone at last. The biggest looser in the Qantas fleet

Ben SandilandsJan 21, 200921 Comments

Peter Ricketts, the author of the email bulletin, Asia-Pacific Aerospace Report, took these photos.

President Obama and the First Jet

Ben SandilandsJan 20, 20091 Comment

Everything you could wish to know about the flying command post that is Air Force One is

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Tiger wants a cut from your hotel room rate

Ben SandilandsJan 20, 2009

Tiger Airways might just be after a portion of your hotel bill, maybe even a bit of what you spend on food and drinks. The budget priced carrier is moving to enforce the same one-sto

Why the Singapore Airlines Paris match could burn Qantas

Ben SandilandsJan 20, 20092 Comments

Singapore Airlines has confirmed rumours that its next A380 destination is Paris. The puffery that accompanies the announcement of daily links between its Australian flights and a ne

Miracle in the Hudson River

Miracle in the Hudson River

Ben SandilandsJan 16, 20097 Comments

The last major bird strike accident to a passenger flight was on 4 October, 1960, when an Eastern Air Lines Lockheed Electra turbo prop struck a flock of seagulls on leaving Boston's Lo

The party plane to Paris is on its way

Ben SandilandsJan 16, 20094 Comments

The locally obscure French colonial carrier, Air Austral, has sprung a big surprise on Qantas and Virgin Blue. It has signed a memorandum of understanding to buy two giant Airbus A38

Goodbye Nancy-Bird Walton (1915-2009)

Ben SandilandsJan 13, 20092 Comments

Nancy-Bird Walton who died this afternoon in Sydney aged 93 never lost her way in the air or on the ground. On a clear winter's day in June 2007, visiting the cockpit of an Airbus A3

Qantas and the Malaysian equation

Ben SandilandsJan 10, 20092 Comments

Since almost everyone in the country is speculating on a Qantas deal with Malaysia Airlines it is my turn to have a shot. Maybe it's looking at a Malaysian airline, not Malaysia Airl

How well Rooted are jet biofuels?

Ben SandilandsJan 9, 2009

Colleague Jane Nethercote has linked in Crikey blog Rooted to an assessment of jet biofuels in

Being seen as mean, tricky and unaccountable harms Tiger

Ben SandilandsJan 9, 2009

The latest 'horror' story about flying Tig

iPhone iFly iPay-by-the-minute

Ben SandilandsJan 8, 2009

It's a bold new way of flying. Wired blog Autopia reports on a South African idea to start a new a

Why a threatened oneworld split up means little to a real world

Ben SandilandsJan 8, 20098 Comments

The chairman of British Airways, Martin Broughton, is being given space by the consumer and technical aviation media abroad in which to

A lightning fast departure from Brisbane

A lightning fast departure from Brisbane

Ben SandilandsJan 6, 20092 Comments

The images show just how lightning proof airliners have become in the last 30 years. The most dangerous places to be in an electrical storm include golf courses, beaches or standing

Another entry for the Airbus A330 X-files!

Ben SandilandsJan 2, 2009

The Harold E Holt naval communications base near Exmouth on WA's North West Cape is about to get worked over again as a menace to airliners, at least in the excitable media. A short

Virgin removes Qantas and Jetstar domestic fuel levies

Ben SandilandsDec 30, 2008

It didn't take long. Following Virgin Blue's Christmas Eve announcement of its removal of domestic fuel surcharges from tomorrow, New Year's eve, Qantas and Jetstar this afternoon scra

Qantas on-line check-ins slowed to a shuffle

Ben SandilandsDec 29, 20085 Comments

Two short domestic holiday season flights on Qantas were on-time and cost less than Virgin Blue, which seems to be a common experience these days. But Qantas customer service has los

Will Qantas turn shame into gain?

Ben SandilandsDec 27, 2008

Virgin Blue's elimination of domestic fuel surcharges announced on Christmas Eve seems to put Qantas to shame, but travel retailers are chatting about its likely response as being a hea

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