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Emirates EK 407 preliminary report is published

Ben SandilandsApr 30, 20092 Comments

The first official report into the worst non-fatal air accident in Australia  involving damage to an airliner, Emirates flight EK 407, has just been released. The Crikey bulletin t

From the Angry Flyers Lounge 29 April 09

Ben SandilandsApr 29, 20095 Comments

Those who leave air travel tips on the main Crikey site are of course admitted to the lounge. This report was lodged today:- QF74 from San Francisco to Sydney on Friday 24 Apr

Solyent Green (the sci-fi flick for seniors) meets the Boeing 737

Ben SandilandsApr 29, 2009

The Boeing 737 just became prettier and meaner at the same moment in Seattle today. The 'prettier' bit is a new interior with fancy LED lights in the ceiling which will be delivered

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The Angry Flyers Lounge is open

Ben SandilandsApr 28, 20094 Comments

Tiger Airways has now said sorry three times in six days, twice to angry customers, and once to the RSL. Last Thursday it apologised for incorrectly charging some customers over th

Tiger Airways & Anzac Day: An ignorant, disrespectful and uncontactable airline ripping off a legend

Tiger Airways & Anzac Day: An ignorant, disrespectful and uncontactable airline ripping off a legend

Ben SandilandsApr 24, 200917 Comments

Tiger Airway's FREE (but with charges) ANZAC DAY sales drive is disgraceful, disrespectful and insulting. As pointed out in this item in Crikey today, it is also contrary to rules an

Tiger keeps mauling Singapore Airlines’ image in Australia

Ben SandilandsApr 22, 200912 Comments

There is something really odd about the conduct of the Singapore Airlines controlled low fare carrier Tiger Airways in Australia. Singapore Airlines sells low fares too, but goes out

OK, let's try first flight by 29 May, or 29 June, or...

OK, let’s try first flight by 29 May, or 29 June, or…

Ben SandilandsApr 20, 2009

787 Dreamliner first flight tipped for 29 April

787 Dreamliner first flight tipped for 29 April

Ben SandilandsApr 20, 2009

Speculation is firming on 29 April for the first flight of the Boeing 787 with a relaunch of the Boeing 737 family as the replacement headline act if the prototype of the Dreamliners

Boeing drops hints of a new super green 737

Boeing drops hints of a new super green 737

Ben SandilandsApr 18, 20092 Comments

Boeing may be close to launching a major upgrade to its 737 single aisle jet family if hints it dropped at the delivery ceremony for No 6000 to come off the line this week mean anything

Business travel is getting meaner and tighter

Ben SandilandsApr 17, 20093 Comments

Don't you just hate having to walk through a Qantas domestic business class cabin to the crush in economy? Well the hate, if that's how you feel, is going to be over fairly soon.

Qantas blood letting to continue until things improve

Ben SandilandsApr 14, 20091 Comment

The management blood bath at Qantas today could be a long overdue change to its

Qantas defers 16 jets and fires another 500 top managers

Ben SandilandsApr 14, 20091 Comment

Qantas this morning cut its estimated profit before tax for the full year to June 30 from previous guidance of $500 million to between $100-200 million. At the lower limit, this app

Qantas reports 737 malfunction similar to the one implicated in a recent crash at Amsterdam

Ben SandilandsApr 13, 20092 Comments

Air Transport World's Australian correspondent Geoffrey Thomas is reporting that a Qantas 737-800 approaching Sydney on 7 April suffered a similar malfunction to the one implicated in t

A strange case of jet lag in air accident reporting

Ben SandilandsApr 12, 20092 Comments

The Herald Sun in Melbourne recovered from a severe case of jet lag today by reporting, breathlessly, the Emirates flight EK 407 accident in Melbourne on 20 March. What could have po

Last traces of Ansett fleet to fetch $900,000

Ben SandilandsApr 10, 20092 Comments

The last vestiges of the Ansett fleet of 134 jets are to be broken up for spare parts and sold for an estimated $900,000 by KMA, the Korda-Mentha administrators . These parts will

Justice has failed in Indonesia

Ben SandilandsApr 6, 20097 Comments

The most guilty party in the March 2007 crash of a Garuda 737 at Yogyakarta which killed 5 Australians escaped punishment in Indonesia today. That party was the airline, Garuda, whic

Does regional pilot rage threaten air safety?

Ben SandilandsApr 5, 20091 Comment

There is a rising madness at country airports that needs to be sorted out before someone gets a Cessna or a skydiver through the cockpit of a passenger jet or turbo-prop causing an air

The 777, the 787 and Qantas

Ben SandilandsApr 3, 20092 Comments

Hardly a day goes by when industry contacts don't reflect on the folly of Qantas failing to order the Boeing 777. Not just the current versions of the jet, but back in the late 90s w