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Air NZ versus the French investigation

Ben SandilandsFeb 26, 20091 Comment

Air New Zealand's CEO, Rob Fyfe, is indignant that the French accident investigation bureau, the BEA, did not take the airline's input into its preliminary findings concerning the crash

Virgin Blue is red, but far from dead

Ben SandilandsFeb 23, 20091 Comment

No doubt to the dismay of those behind rumours that Virgin Blue is variously poised between imminent closure, or bleeding cash at a rate not seen since Ansett went down, the airline tod

Why aren’t the big Australian airlines doing better?

Ben SandilandsFeb 22, 2009

Tomorrow's late morning (23 February) half yearly financial results announcement and briefing by Virgin Blue should fill in some of the gaps in the public knowledge of how well, or

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Qantas Moodys the waters as shares sink deeper

Ben SandilandsFeb 20, 20091 Comment

New Qantas CEO Alan Joyce knows how to moody the waters to perfection. Moody's Investor Services reduced its credit rating today from Baa1 to Baa2, causing the share price to tank by

Desperate times: Dismissal proof air fares offered in America

Ben SandilandsFeb 19, 2009

New York based 'hip' low cost airline JetBlue has launched dismissal proof air fares in the epicentre of the global financial crisis. Under its Promise Program, most buyers of air fares

Qantas ‘invades’ NZ with Jetstar

Ben SandilandsFeb 17, 20093 Comments

Although long anticipated, this morning's announcement that Jetstar will invade the tiny New Zealand domestic market means it is backs-to-the-wall time for Air New Zealand. To summar

Singapore to cut capacity and lop pay from the top down

Ben SandilandsFeb 16, 2009

Singapore Airlines says it will cut capacity by 11% in its next financial year starting 1 April. It is talking to its unions about sacrifices, and says any pay cuts will start at the to

How Airbus nearly killed 155 people according to an idiot

Ben SandilandsFeb 15, 20098 Comments

There is a rather childish email going around about the alleged truth behind the Hudson River water parking incident, headed An opinion about the A320 from one unident

The Apocalypse Now tactic for saving bushfire lives

Ben SandilandsFeb 12, 20092 Comments

Just as the complex failures of a delayed national emergency warning system hit th

Air traffic controllers endorse possible industrial action

Ben SandilandsFeb 12, 20091 Comment

Air traffic controllers have voted by 701 to 42 in favour of industrial action as may be directed by their union Civil Air over grievances concerning pay negotiations and levels of over

Bowser theft by airlines continues to fall

Ben SandilandsFeb 12, 2009

Jetstar has just removed the last of its fuel surcharges by eliminating the remaining international imposts and savings its customers up to $68 each way. The benchmark fuel price has be

FAA bends rules for Airbus as well as Boeing

Ben SandilandsFeb 10, 2009

The Seattle Times reports that the FAA has bent the rules for making fue

Fake Qantas engineers. Does CASA do anything useful?

Ben SandilandsFeb 8, 20094 Comments

The 'discovery' of another fake licensed engineer at Qantas and rumours of more to come begs the question as to whether CASA does anything useful. In the previous two years CASA has

Branson’s unguarded moment concerning United Airlines

Ben SandilandsFeb 7, 20091 Comment

Richard Branson's comments prior to the delivery of V Australia's first Boeing 777-300ER would find strong support among many, many travellers but must have caused a bit of pain at Virg

Hansen sorry but sticks to jets and global warming comments

Ben SandilandsFeb 6, 2009

One of the clearest voices expressing concern over anthropogenic global warming, James Hansen, has revisited his controversial

More rude wake up calls for airline investors

Ben SandilandsFeb 6, 20091 Comment

This morning's cancellation of another 16 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, this time by Dubai based leasing company LCAL, has almost nothing to do with that airliner's problems and everything to

WARNING: Jetstar to go offline for more than two days!

Ben SandilandsFeb 4, 20092 Comments

Jetstar is being incredibly up-front about what lies in store for its travellers from this Friday afternoon until sometime next Monday morning. They are swopping computer reservation

AGW authority refuses to support airport protest

Ben SandilandsFeb 4, 20091 Comment

A climate change authority and campaigner for urgent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, Dr James Hansen, has

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