The 777, the 787 and Qantas

Ben SandilandsApr 3, 2009 2

Hardly a day goes by when industry contacts don't reflect on the folly of Qantas failing to order the Boeing 777. Not just the current versions of the jet, but back in the late 90s w

Tiger finds Sydney on map of Australia

Ben SandilandsApr 2, 2009 1

It's only taken 16 months, but Singapore owned Tiger Airways has found Sydney on the map of Australia and will fly up to four times a day between Melbourne and the harbour city from 3

Emirates flight EK 407 and the need for airlines to be accountable for their accidents

Ben SandilandsApr 2, 2009 7

When one of your jets with 225 passengers on board bashes its way off the end of the runway at Melbourne Airport and collects an ILS antenna which is 150 cms tall with its tail some sor

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The Virgins and Qantas in the race for the middle

Ben SandilandsMar 31, 2009 4

Note: There is a correction concerning the Jetstar load factor indicated lower down in this post, fixing a misread table on the data Qantas lodged with the ASX. Th

Qantas signals cancellations or deferrals of Airbus and Boeing orders with Dreamliners at most risk

Ben SandilandsMar 28, 2009 1

Qantas is about to cut deeply into its $20 billion commitment to new jets. On 15 March, aware that a serious reconsideration of the order for Boeing 787 Dreamliners was underway, a s

Qantas manager cull is just a hint of what is to come

Ben SandilandsMar 25, 2009

The 90 senior managers who were terminated at Qantas today can blame two things for their demise. One is the speed with which passengers numbers are shrinking for airlines world wide

This Delta connection is much bigger than announced

Ben SandilandsMar 24, 2009

There is context to the announcement of the interline agreement between V Australia and Delta which seems to have escaped the regurgitaters of airline press releases. Delta, which ec

Emirates flight EK 407 was the most dangerous non fatal accident to a jet airliner in Australia

Ben SandilandsMar 23, 2009 8

ATSB air accident investigators could know as soon as this afternoon what sort of incident they are dealing with after an Emirates A345 with more than 230 people on board was severely d

Emirates leaves Melbourne at an altitude of 150 cms

Ben SandilandsMar 21, 2009 4

Last night's serious incident involving an Emirates A345 departing Melbourne for Dubai as flight EK 407 has caused some very striking images to be posted on the industry site

787 narrows the gap between hype and reality

787 narrows the gap between hype and reality

Ben SandilandsMar 20, 2009

Suddenly Boeing has found its tongue. But will it reply to Markus 45? Is Markus 45 the infamous and mysterious Boeing mole, Captain X, the terror of, the must see site fo

Qantas bites tongue over its Dreamliner nightmare

Ben SandilandsMar 18, 2009 2

Some increasingly serious questions about the much delayed Boeing 787 Dreamliner are going unanswered. So far Qantas, the largest airline customer for the 'plastic fantastic' jet, is

America goes insane

Ben SandilandsMar 18, 2009

There are now 1 million entries on the federal government's terrorist watch list, according to USA TODAY, up nearly one-third since 2007. The growth comes even as officials work to dele

Money for nothing, but the seats aren’t free

Ben SandilandsMar 17, 2009

The most often asked question about frequent flyer points sold to third parties is 'where do they come from?' It is one of the questions being asked in the countdown to the 31 March cha

Inside the airlines’ Pacific pain game

Ben SandilandsMar 15, 2009

It is getting raw and bleeding for the airlines across the Pacific. At this moment by astonishing coincidence Qantas and V Australia have $971 return fares on sale between Sydney and

SkyAirWorld (CosmosUniverse) Airlines looses jets and plot

Ben SandilandsMar 12, 2009

SkyAirWorld Airlines of Queensland has sometimes seemed like the sort of little toy airline that couldn't. It couldn't make a go of the route to the Solomon Islands, and it couldn't mak

Decoding the Qantas Middle East code share

Ben SandilandsMar 11, 2009

Qantas may have just started the airline equivalent of a 'holy war' in the Middle East. Of course no-one in Qantas would be as tactless as a Crikey blog in so describing today's anno

Is this a cure for queues at airports?

Ben SandilandsMar 9, 2009 2

How about boarding jets completely differently to the shambles often experienced today? If you are holding say an aisle seat, like 21c, and you have the option of waiting to board u

The A330 issues. More cases, some progress, and lingering doubts about electromagnetic interference

Ben SandilandsMar 6, 2009 1

As reported earlier, the ATSB has ordered new tests to determine if electromagnetic inference from military installations near Learmonth in WA is a possible cause of serious incidents i