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Qantas in a flap again

Ben SandilandsNov 23, 20082 Comments

The ugly news photos of a jammed leading edge flap on an aged Qantas 747-300 that was about to take off for a trans Tasman flight from Sydney on Saturday are another exhibit in the ca

Does the NSW govt want country fliers to 'Get lost'?

Ben SandilandsNov 21, 20083 Comments

The NSW Government is looking for a new regional airline to replace the cancelled REX Airlink services. The fundamental questions are being overlooked amid all the hand wringing.

CASA issues urgent directive to A330 pilots

Ben SandilandsNov 20, 20081 Comment

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has just issued an urgent airworthiness directive affecting all 2

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Tiger and 'free fares'. The numbers look bad

Ben SandilandsNov 19, 20081 Comment

Tiger can't give away free seats, or get free publicity, in these hard times, as reported in Crikey today. In 'good times' this is how 'free' or 'nearly free' fares are supposed to w

787 wing box video is up, but early performance claim is down

Ben SandilandsNov 19, 20087 Comments

The video of the destructive testing of the Dreamliner wing has been posted by Boeing. While the failure load

Dreamliner wings: Half broken or half fixed?

Ben SandilandsNov 17, 2008

Boeing isn't revealing more about the destructive testing of the wing box of the 787 Dreamliner until Tuesday US time. Video highlights will be then posted. The editing process seems to

Breaking news, Dreamliner wing box snaps

Breaking news, Dreamliner wing box snaps

Ben SandilandsNov 16, 2008

This is the first picture of the broken wing box on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which has been tested to destruction in Everett near Seattle.

Out of control commentaries

Ben SandilandsNov 16, 2008

Plane Talking is starting a blog roll that includes 'out of control' commentaries that can be found in sites that will lead you to the sometimes gritty candid videos of YouTube or at o

For the love of airports

Ben SandilandsNov 16, 2008

It is getting harder to like airports. Leaping out of a logistics blog in the UAE was an

Speechless in Seattle

Ben SandilandsNov 15, 2008

Boeing has announced 'adjustments' to the delivery dates for the 748 freighter and 748i passenger jet, both of them the final models of their type in the long history of the 747. The

Facebook in the sky...in a blue nightie!

Ben SandilandsNov 12, 20089 Comments

Air France KLM is bringing social networking to its flights. Via a site called www.bluenity.com (gasp)! The concept is daring to say the least. Members of its frequent flyer program

Under the pump. Will airlines 'hide' their fuel surcharges?

Ben SandilandsNov 11, 20081 Comment

The roll back of fuel surcharges on airfares continues apace as oil drops even faster and further than the Australian dollar. Virgin Blue is the latest example. It has cut its surcha

Boeing's bad day out

Ben SandilandsNov 5, 20082 Comments

If the news about the Dreamliner screw up this morning (in today's Crikey) isn't bad enough to warrant being sneaked out on US election day, there is also a further problem with its sin

Lufthansa & the Virgins, will they make love or war?

Ben SandilandsOct 30, 2008

An intensely interesting situation has arisen in Europe after Lufthansa assumed outright control of UK carrier bmi after chairman Sir Michael Bishop exercised a £318 million option to

Price fixing is theft

Ben SandilandsOct 28, 20082 Comments

Qantas has announced a $20 million settlement with the ACCC in relation to price fixing within its freight division in Australia. It has previously settled its liability for similar con

C'mon tigger, come out and play

Ben SandilandsOct 27, 20082 Comments

Jetstar keeps trying to entice Tiger Airways to 'come out and play'. The current 'playground' is Adelaide, which Tiger has been trying to mark as its own with recent announcements of ne

Jetzilla meets the original V-jet

Jetzilla meets the original V-jet

Ben SandilandsOct 23, 2008

What a shame Qantas didn't shine a bit more of the spotlight on the original article when its first A380 inaugurated commercial services by the giant Airbus at LAX this week.

The fright is airborne

The fright is airborne

Ben SandilandsOct 23, 2008

A great shot of an EVA Air of Taiwan 747 leaving Schiphol Airport at Amsterdam, taken by Dutch photographer Points1.