FAA bends rules for Airbus as well as Boeing

Ben SandilandsFeb 10, 2009

The Seattle Times reports that the FAA has bent the rules for making fue

Fake Qantas engineers. Does CASA do anything useful?

Ben SandilandsFeb 8, 2009 4

The 'discovery' of another fake licensed engineer at Qantas and rumours of more to come begs the question as to whether CASA does anything useful. In the previous two years CASA has

Branson’s unguarded moment concerning United Airlines

Ben SandilandsFeb 7, 2009 1

Richard Branson's comments prior to the delivery of V Australia's first Boeing 777-300ER would find strong support among many, many travellers but must have caused a bit of pain at Virg

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Hansen sorry but sticks to jets and global warming comments

Ben SandilandsFeb 6, 2009

One of the clearest voices expressing concern over anthropogenic global warming, James Hansen, has revisited his controversial

More rude wake up calls for airline investors

Ben SandilandsFeb 6, 2009 1

This morning's cancellation of another 16 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, this time by Dubai based leasing company LCAL, has almost nothing to do with that airliner's problems and everything to

WARNING: Jetstar to go offline for more than two days!

Ben SandilandsFeb 4, 2009 2

Jetstar is being incredibly up-front about what lies in store for its travellers from this Friday afternoon until sometime next Monday morning. They are swopping computer reservation

AGW authority refuses to support airport protest

Ben SandilandsFeb 4, 2009 1

A climate change authority and campaigner for urgent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, Dr James Hansen, has

A dead cat bounce moment in Melbourne

Ben SandilandsFeb 4, 2009

The switchboard at Melbourne's International Airport appeared busy denying Tiger Airlines had shut down this morning following a call to Neil Mitchell on 3AW by 'John who works there.'

Qantas:-a quick look at the figures

Ben SandilandsFeb 4, 2009

The Qantas half yearly results have been posted on the ASX website without the usual simultaneous press conference with the CEO, as Alan Joyce is still in Madrid after attending a tenth

Qantas will drop the curtain on the good times this afternoon

Ben SandilandsFeb 4, 2009 1

Details are still under wraps, but Qantas will this afternoon release its half yearly results two weeks sooner than planned as late as yesterday morning when 19 February remained the of

MacAir stops flying as debts rise and contracts dry up

Ben SandilandsJan 30, 2009

The Queensland regional carrier and resources industry charter airline MacAir has entered voluntary administration with local press reports of debts of around $14 million. The state

Boeing still doesn’t get it

Ben SandilandsJan 29, 2009 3

Boeing provided more insights into its decline into incompetency overnight which deserve to be studied by large businesses in general. Chief executive Jim McNerny said that it would

Another perfect ditching from way back

Another perfect ditching from way back

Ben SandilandsJan 27, 2009 1

The perfect precedent for the recent Hudson River ditching of a US Airways jet occurred on 16 October, 1956, when a Pan American World Airways Stratocruiser ended up in the Pacific Ocea

Changi gets a Singapore trim

Ben SandilandsJan 26, 2009 1

The longest scheduled flight in the world from Singapore to Newark will be reduced below daily frequency from mid February by Singapore Airlines because of the global financial crisis.

The silent revolution gathers speed at Qantas

Ben SandilandsJan 24, 2009

The cone of silence is well and truly in play at Qantas as it builds up the number of mobile phone enabled jets in advance of launching in-flight connectivity for the non voice use of s

Gone at last. The biggest looser in the Qantas fleet

Gone at last. The biggest looser in the Qantas fleet

Ben SandilandsJan 21, 2009 21

Peter Ricketts, the author of the email bulletin, Asia-Pacific Aerospace Report, took these photos.

President Obama and the First Jet

Ben SandilandsJan 20, 2009 1

Everything you could wish to know about the flying command post that is Air Force One is

Tiger wants a cut from your hotel room rate

Ben SandilandsJan 20, 2009

Tiger Airways might just be after a portion of your hotel bill, maybe even a bit of what you spend on food and drinks. The budget priced carrier is moving to enforce the same one-sto