Delta’s Pacific tsunami may drive defensive mergers

Ben SandilandsDec 19, 2008

The competitive tsunami caused by Delta Air Lines entering the Australia-US air travel market may drive defensive consolidation counter measures by Qantas, Virgin Blue and Air New Zeala

Oil $US 36.20, fuel levy robbery continues

Ben SandilandsDec 19, 2008 1

Oil is dropping like a rock this morning, and at 8.30 EDT was $US 36.20. The robbery called fuel surcharges on Australian tickets continues even as foreign carriers start lining up t

Delta coming to Sydney, 1 July daily 777-200LRs

Ben SandilandsDec 19, 2008 3

Not yet announced in Australia, the Delta Air Lines website says it will start daily non-stops between Sydney and Los Angeles on 1 July with Boeing 777-200LRs. Presumably all the gov

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Qantas-BA=Why not have another crack at Air New Zealand?

Ben SandilandsDec 19, 2008 2

Now that Qantas+ BA has become Qantas-BA, what might be the next step? The failure of the merger talks "at this point in time" to quote the Qantas statement is no surprise. There wa

Boeing avoids the ‘D’ word

Ben SandilandsDec 16, 2008

Following weekend rumors published in Flightblogger which claimed delamination

Rudd’s stunted vision rewards dumb carbon populism

Ben SandilandsDec 16, 2008 4

A few weeks back Airbus sent an alternative fuels expert to Australia (Sebastian Remy) to

787 wing rumor unofficially denied

Ben SandilandsDec 15, 2008

OK, start breathing again. After a whole day Boeing has said nothing about the delamination rumors but Flightblogger has spoken to his sources and established they are false. It is t

Is the wing peeling apart on the 787?

Ben SandilandsDec 14, 2008

Boeing must urgently address US rumors in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and referenced on Jon Ostrower's

But what about problems with Airbuses?

Ben SandilandsDec 12, 2008

Plane Talking has been serving it up to Boeing ever since the blog launched at the end of September. A few retards in the juvenile aviation world have said the blog is therefore bias

Dreamliner latest; It’s very late

Ben SandilandsDec 12, 2008 2

Boeing has announced that the Dreamliner 787 will not fly until the second quarter of next year, and that the first of the 'plastic fantastics' will not be delivered to All Nippon Airwa

The ACCC, petrol ‘Yes’, fuel surcharges ‘No’

Ben SandilandsDec 11, 2008 1

The ACCC isn't interested in the fuel surcharge ripoffs. A spokesman says, "The ACCC doesn't vet or approve the prices charged by airlines. "We don't have a role in the setting or

The robbery continues…

Ben SandilandsDec 11, 2008

US reports are now predicting the oil benchmark may sag into the USD 30s band in coming days, making the continued imposition of fuel levies by airlines even more untenable than it has

Is suck up reporting bad for Qantas?

Ben SandilandsDec 9, 2008 5

Alan Joyce's speech yesterday blaming a 'confluence of events' and exce

Qantas puts Joyce under observation

Ben SandilandsDec 8, 2008 1

The QF+BA circus performs its next act in Sydney this afternoon. At short notice the media has been invited to ‘observe' new CEO Alan Joyce make his first major speech in that role

Qantas, bogged, dogged and possibly flogged?

Ben SandilandsDec 8, 2008

The Qantas follies continue, but at least the operational mishaps of the last few days weren't life threatening. On Friday night the Airbus A330 that was to operate the red-eye to T

Every dollar of a fuel surcharge is theft

Ben SandilandsDec 8, 2008 1

From today, with the fuel benchmark in the low USD 40 range, every dollar of every fuel surcharge collected by every airline is theft. None of these surcharges are remotely justifiab

Thunder in a cloudless sky

Ben SandilandsDec 7, 2008

On 29 September 2006, the wing tip of a brand new Embraer Legacy corporate jet sliced into a GOL 737 flying in the opposite direction over the Amazonian rain forest, causing the airline

Secret Airbus dossier blows away the Dreamliner cover up

Ben SandilandsDec 4, 2008 1

Flightblogger, Jon Ostrower is offering downloads of an astonishing interna