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QF+BA ‘benefits’ defy reality

The spinning of the claimed benefits of a QF+BA merger seems to be approaching ‘warp’ speed, with the merger Trekkies in full chant. It is said that the combined entity will have better buying power. That it will save money on maintenance, cabin fit outs and on marketing! Let’s start with maintenance. How can Qantas […]

QF+BA, where is the public benefit?

It is difficult from a consumer perspective to see any potential benefit for travellers in the proposed but as yet imprecisely detailed merger ‘of equals’ between Qantas and British Airways. Qantas isn’t discussing the proposal, so it is unable to help find them at this stage. All that the much vaunted Joint Services Agreement that […]

Some critical QF+BA issues

One party always comes out on top in a merger, even one between ‘equals’ which is the phrase being spun into the media by Qantas and BA. Just listen to any of those who were in Qantas when it merged with Australian Airlines prior to the sale of 25% of the new entity to BA […]

QF+BA piles more pressure onto Singapore Airlines

The possibility of a QF+BA merger adds immense pressure onto Singapore Airlines, and its majority shareholder, Temasek Holdings, to execute an effective strategy to participate in airline consolidation. But the most pressure on them comes from recent earlier news that Abu Dhabi wants to control Dubai based airline giant Emirates as part of the price […]

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What QF+BA might mean to sky warriors

At first glance a merger of Qantas and British Airways might fill their frequent fliers with dread. BA is infamously good at loosing luggage and QF can’t keep its jets fully maintained, or clean, or punctual. Perfect. A marriage made in hell. The most vivid images of the BA experience in recent years have been […]

Time, motion, airports and public transport synergies

The difference between Australia’s airlines and Anthony Albanese is that they want a second airport ‘in’ Sydney and as outlined in the Aviation Green Paper released today, he is searching for a new airport ‘for’ Sydney. The report says that the external location for the second airport will be supported by strong road and rail […]

The airports Sydney never built

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese needs to be cautioned that his renewal of the quest for a second airport for Sydney has been a magnet for raving lunatics for decades. Some of them are bound to try and get past his minders and present him with some amazing concepts. In the 80s the Alice […]

‘Black vomit nut’ promises cleaner, greener skies

‘Black vomit nut’ promises cleaner, greener skies

The Jatropha family of shrubs gets a bad rap in some parts of the world where it is known as ‘black vomit nut’. In Australia where it’s a declared weed it’s called ‘bellyache bush’, and makes humans and livestock ill if eaten. But it also makes an aviation grade alternative fuel to kerosene, and with […]

Two tickets from London for every passenger?

A UK airline has responded in a background note to the recent post about the new Air Passenger Duty charges and how they will rob Qantas to pay Emirates. It says the UK government changed its original plan to impose the duty on the flights, in which it would make the airline pay the aggregate […]

The Sunday afternoon Qantas barbie

There have been two image threatening Qantas ‘crises’ today. At least. Both in Brisbane. QF 168, a 767-300 from Tokyo via Cairns arrived with emergency services on more than their usual professional state of alert because of uncertainty about a possible oil leak. And the other incident, which seems to be the only one to […]

UK govt robs Qantas to ‘pay’ Emirates

The doctrinaire, dare I suggest dishonest, approach of the UK government to adding taxes to air travel to ‘save the environment’ comes with some bizarre consequences. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, has announced a set of Air Passenger Duty charges which rise according to the distance a jet flies from London which would add […]

Flying ourselves into extinction?

Is our taste (make that former taste given the state of the economy) for cheap flights flying our species into extinction? Or is the demonisation of air travel just another shallow exercise in do-gooder social engineering by those who think this will save them from the dreaded middle seat on full flights? An interesting discussion […]

787 production frozen

Ever since sitting in the 787 Dreamliner full scale mock up in Seattle in 2005 I’ve been infatuated with, and increasingly frustrated by, the delays to the development of this aircraft. It offered what appeared to be the finest passenger environment of any airliner. There was genius at work in every aspect of the cabins, […]

Qantas in a flap again

The ugly news photos of a jammed leading edge flap on an aged Qantas 747-300 that was about to take off for a trans Tasman flight from Sydney on Saturday are another exhibit in the case that can be made that the airline hasn’t fixed the under resourcing of its fleet maintenance. Qantas CEO Geoff […]

Does the NSW govt want country fliers to ‘Get lost’?

The NSW Government is looking for a new regional airline to replace the cancelled REX Airlink services. The fundamental questions are being overlooked amid all the hand wringing. Is it viable to fly tiny rural commuter services to Sydney Airport? No. Which is why Airlink is broken. Will any small flights continue to use Sydney […]

CASA issues urgent directive to A330 pilots

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has just issued an urgent airworthiness directive affecting all 21 Airbus A330 wide bodied jets flown by Qantas (15) and Jetstar (6). CASA says that in lay terms, pilots must now follow revised procedures to isolate a faulty Air Data Inertial Reference Unit or ADIRU like the one that imitated […]

Tiger and ‘free fares’. The numbers look bad

Tiger can’t give away free seats, or get free publicity, in these hard times, as reported in Crikey today. In ‘good times’ this is how ‘free’ or ‘nearly free’ fares are supposed to work, and how carriers like Tiger, Jetstar, AirAsia and Ryanair can sometimes outperform the so called full service or legacy airlines. Tiger […]

787 wing box video is up, but early performance claim is down

The video of the destructive testing of the Dreamliner wing has been posted by Boeing. While the failure load isn’t shown the commentary says it had reached the certification target of 150% of maximum aerodynamic load before it broke at the place in the structure predicted by the designers. In New Zealand where Air NZ […]