QF 72 made shorter but nasty dives

Ben SandilandsOct 9, 2008

Some early surprises have emerged from the black box flight recorders that have been read at the ATSB headquarters in Canberra. The flight data recorder shows that the initial uncomm

No it wasn’t a laptop or a Blackberry or an iPhone, or…

Ben SandilandsOct 9, 2008

There is an absurd rumor going around that Qantas is going to confiscate smart phones and computers at the gate to avoid the electronic contamination that some other rumors say is being

Some important questions about QF 72

Ben SandilandsOct 9, 2008

In today's Crikey some important questions about the QF 72 incident are highlighted. They may or may

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QF 72-an ‘irregularity’ at 37,000 feet, but why?

Ben SandilandsOct 8, 2008 4

The ATSB has described how an 'irregularity' in the elevator control system hit QF 72 while it was in level flight at 37,000 feet over WA yesterday shortly before its emergency landin

How far down, how quickly and why?

Ben SandilandsOct 8, 2008 3

At this stage the general public and the investigators from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau know as much about the QF 72 emergency over WA yesterday as each other. Which is next

In-flight upsets

Ben SandilandsOct 7, 2008

One of the toughest tests for airline pilots is recovering from a mid-air 'upset'. The pilots flying QF 72, the Qantas A330 on this afternoon's Singapore-Perth run passed that test w

Earth to Albanese-AirServices needs to be fixed now

Ben SandilandsOct 7, 2008 1

Virgin Blue has always been good at publicity stunts, but its bill to AirServices Australia for half a million dollars because it couldn't deliver full air traffic control at Sydney Air

Stanley Brogden 1913-2008

Ben SandilandsOct 6, 2008

Stanley Brogden who reported aviation in Australia for more than half a century has died in Melbourne aged 94. Stanley grew up in a world where aviation arrived before radio for our

Virgin’s Pacific blues

Ben SandilandsOct 2, 2008 2

V Australia's inaugural trans Pacific flights between Sydney and Los Angeles have been pushed back from 15 December to 28 February because of a strike that has shut down the Boeing asse

Cash but no carry

Ben SandilandsSep 30, 2008

If you think there is a risk of hard times sending Qantas and Virgin Blue broke, think again. It is their employees who risk going broke instead. The two major carriers will sit on a

Good idea, wrong result

Ben SandilandsSep 30, 2008 1

This mostly matters to those who don't like flying at the best of times and have to use crappy country airstrips like the ones the pilots of a larger airliner would only contemplate if

Fear, loathing and stupidity at Brisbane airport

Ben SandilandsSep 29, 2008 1

Brisbane airport last night was a perfect reminder that Australia relies on implausible scenarios, imperfectly screened, to create an impression that air travel is secure. Early in

Qantas under the Joyce stick

Ben SandilandsSep 26, 2008

The Joyce age at Qantas is under way. There was no surprise in the appointment of Bruce Buchanan his loyal deputy attitude adjuster at Jetstar as his replacement as the low cost unit

Boeing’s Dreamliner trapped on Second Earth

Ben SandilandsSep 26, 2008 1

Boeing's Dreamliner project set a new marker for fantasy overnight when launch customer All Nippon Airways said it had reached agreement to take delivery of the first of the plastic twi

Hello everybody, big jet coming through

Hello everybody, big jet coming through

Ben SandilandsSep 26, 2008