May, 2017

Can’t Sydney West airport be built sooner and at less cost?

, May 09, 2017

Hold those billions in 'good debt'. There is an alternative way of building Sydney's 2nd airport without any?
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Is it true Sydney Airport can’t afford to screw 2nd airport users?

, Apr 15, 2017

The dream of a Sydney with two large airports competing on car parking and passenger user charges might just be about to come true
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It’s time to end the nonsense about 2nd Sydney Airport rail fantasies

, Feb 28, 2017

Who are these interests trying to load up a $5 bn Sydney West airport with a $25 bn high speed rail fantasy?
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Sydney Airport publishes more ransom notes in general media

, Feb 17, 2017

That whining noise you hear in Sydney this morning doesn't comes from jet engines but the owners of the city's airport
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Why would S & P say Sydney Airport is unlikely to take up Badgerys Creek option?

, Jan 18, 2017

It's time for the public to look critically at credit ratings agencies taking up positions that support businesses like airports during negotiations with government
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Govt ready to seize opportunity to end Sydney’s airport monopoly

, Dec 21, 2016

For tens of million of abused Sydney Airport users, could sweet revenge be at hand?
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Second Sydney Airport go-ahead won’t save travellers from Airportageddon

, Dec 12, 2016

Sydney's 2nd airport was a no brainer 10 years ago but it will another decade before it opens
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Maybe the PM should talk to his deputy about Sydney West rail?

, Oct 19, 2015

Perhaps the PM for Rail, Malcolm Turnbull, should have tea and biscuits with his recidivist deputy Warren Truss after the Infrastructure Minister’s vaguely disconnected references today to there not being a need for trains to the new Sydney West airport until some time after 2060.
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Sydney’s new airport to take all sized jets from Day One

, Oct 19, 2015

Sydney West airport, expected to open by around 2025 at the Badgerys Creek site, will have an initial 3700 metre runway able to take all normal operations by any sized jet from Day One according to Infrastructure Minister and deputy PM Warren Truss.
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Vietnam pushes on with massive airport for Ho Chi Minh City

, Jun 30, 2015

Vietnam is reported as having further advanced the construction of a massive new hub airport for Ho Chi Minh City which will could grow to a capacity to handle more than 100 million passengers a year by the middle of the century.