September, 2017

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Airbus springs a wide body jet airliner surprise in China

, Sep 21, 2017

Airbus sees potential to 'complete' its largest twin engined jet the A350 in the just opened A330 plant in Tianjin
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China Eastern Sydney incident raises very serious questions

, Jun 12, 2017

China Eastern flight at Sydney was barely off the ground when engine failed last night
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Melbourne-Los Angeles becomes a route where A380s don’t rule

, Apr 05, 2017

Virgin Australia throws everything at Qantas on the Melbourne-Los Angeles route
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Big A330 order moves Airbus closer to wide-body factory in China

, Jul 01, 2015

Orders and commitments to up to 75 A330s for China’s airlines are being reported in France as a step closer to Airbus setting up a wide-body completion factory in the PRC.
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Unofficial: Regional Airbus A330s to be assembled in China

, Aug 01, 2014

Globalisation becomes less about lowering costs and more about nailing down sales in massive emerging markets
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Airbus updates outlook for new versions of A330, A380

, Feb 19, 2014

Airbus could have a regional version of its A330 delivered within two years, further refine the efficiency of the A380 by 2018, and have an NEO version of that giant Airbus ready early next decade.
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Airbus flies closer to new engine options on A330s, A380s

, Feb 07, 2014

Airbus now has two new engine speculations running in tandem, both of which have the potential to extend the life and reach of its A330 and giant A380 lines.
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Why the A330 is a threat to Boeing, and oh, Airbus!

, Sep 25, 2013

The Airbus Global Market Forecasts to 2032 last night were somewhat eclipsed by Airbus predictions that its A330s will play a continuing and pivotal role in the airline game for another 10 years.
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Airbus waves gauntlet over ‘regional’ A330

, Jul 20, 2013

The gauntlet throwing that goes on between Airbus and Boeing sometimes resembles play school gone wrong if you follow the brand warrior battles on some aviation forums, but there does seem to be serious intent among the two big jet makers to focus much more on medium if not shorter range wide body airliners than […]
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Jetstar shrinks A330 services a year out from its first 787s

, Oct 15, 2012

The countdown is on for Jetstar to take a sizable fleet of 787s, but unanswered questions persist, and not all of its wide-body routes appear to be thriving.