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Topic: Air France KLM

European big two reported to be planning a quality offensive

In a startling development EU majors Air France KLM and Lufthansa Group are reported to be planning to stop complaining about the success of the leading middle East carriers and instead try competing on quality.

Etihad sets tough deadline for Alitalia stake

There is much to read between the lines in Etihad issuing a deadline for its taking a stake in troubled Italian flag carrier Alitalia.

European carriers blame eurozone meltdown for poor results but it’s really about bad management

Only a few days after Ryanair reported record profits, Air France KLM, Lufthansa and Iberia, are reporting troubled times. Air France is combining Brit Air, Regional and Airlinair, which serve secondary and even tertiary cities, into a single unit, and says, somewhat opaquely that a leisure arm will be established around discount unit Transavia while […]

Jetstar teams up with Air France KLM

There might be an outbreak of more paranoia about Jetstar among Qantas employees, and in other Asia-Pacific carriers, following today’s announcement in Singapore of an interlining pact between the full service European carrier Air France KLM and all the Jetstars, in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam. The deal is intriguing at many levels. It […]

Facebook in the sky…in a blue nightie!

Air France KLM is bringing social networking to its flights. Via a site called (gasp)! The concept is daring to say the least. Members of its frequent flyer program can interact Facebook-style with others booked on the same flight for example, and, well, chat each other up, organise a date, share a taxi, or […]