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Topic: air safety
An expert reviewer who found errors in the Pel-Air report says he was rebuffed by ATSB, Minister, before rushed publication.

ATSB and Minister rebuffed objections to Pel-Air report errors before publication

An expert reviewer who found errors in the Pel-Air report says he was rebuffed by ATSB, Minister, before rushed publication.

Another reminder not to leave lithium batteries in your checked luggage

A potentially serious incident on an Air China flight on the weekend is a reminder to never pack the lithium batteries commonly found in computers and ‘smart’ phones in  your checked luggage. It is also a reminder that the Qantas and Virgin Australia rules that permit  lithium battery carriage in checked luggage ought to be […]

Qantas says ‘No crash’ Witnesses say ‘A major incident’

Qantas had to take the unprecedented action of denying one of its jets, an Airbus A380, had crashed near Singapore this afternoon, after parts of its No 2 engine blew off in a loud and apparently fiery explosion soon after it departed Changi Airport for Sydney. Substantial pieces of metal from the jet have fallen […]

Qantaslink concerns sent to Senate Inquiry

Serious deficiencies in Qantaslink are understood to have been drawn to the attention of the forthcoming Senate Inquiry into pilot training and standards. Three incidents are involved. The 3.6 g hard landing of a Qantaslink 717 of a Darwin on February 7, 2008 which required the substantial reconstruction of part of the jet The near […]

The safety risks of pilot P-platers and new style airline managers raised in Senate

Australia’s largest pilot union has warned that the indifference of airline managements and young pilots to training standards and experience is dragging down safety from its previously high level in this country. It has sent a Statement of Concern on Diminishing Flight Standards to senators in advance of the impending Senate Inquiry into these matters. […]

Hello, this is your work experience pilot speaking

There is something unsettling about Jetstar operating a passenger flight in which a pilot with only 50 hours experience on an A320 fails a training landing approach, and it then gets ‘buried’ among 19 other lower level incident reports finalised this week by the ATSB. The incident, at the Gold Coast end of a flight […]

Something different in Air Asia flight reviews

There are many reviews about Air Asia’s low prices, seating and service standards on the various consumer sites or travel reports on the internet. Some critical, some favourable. However this correspondence, forwarded to Plane Talking by Dick Smith, is in a class of its own, both for the observational details and the responses received by […]

Is it too late to save our airports for aviation?

Although it was eclipsed by the Xenophon measures to improve pilot training standards, the Gillard Government did promote a bill this week to prevent airports being ‘stolen’ for non aviation developments. The Airports Amendment Bill 2010 has wide support within general aviation, the small and struggling end of the food chain from flying schools and […]

Senate carries Xenophon motion for inquiry into pilot training and standards

Independent SA senator Nick Xenophon’s motion for a Senate Inquiry into pilot training and standards has been carried today with the support of the government and opposition parties and The Australian Greens. The inquiry is expected to report by November 17 and has generated very strong expressions of support from Australian pilots concerned at declining […]

Give truth, and air safety, a chance

In a society where spin and media manipulation perpetuates myths about airline safety and keeps a lid on disclosures of unsafe practices the commitment of independent politician Nick Xenophon to his proposed Senate Inquiry into pilot training standards might trigger some long overdue reforms. As Senator Xenophon pointed out in his address to the Australian […]