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Topic: airports
<i>The push to IT revolutionize airports is on in earnest, but without action to curb its terrifying dystopian ramifications</i>

Let’s think again about the airport of the near future

The push to IT revolutionize airports is on in earnest, but without action to curb its terrifying dystopian ramifications

What’s really unsafe about air travel ?

Answer. The the drive to the airport. On Tuesday I was tail gated by a white van at the speed limit on Joyce Drive east bound driven by someone who having failed to find room in either traffic lane then attempted to create a middle lane. The only reason for mentioning such an unexceptional event […]

The official list of recent aviation security incidents in Australia

This is the Office of Transport Security summary of all recent aviation security incidents at Australian airports. As mentioned in the Crikey subscriber email this afternoon, most of these incidents were in fact the detection of security breaches before they occurred, and most of those were trivial, although a few of them were also the […]

Budget nasty: $8.5 million study on how to kill Sydney as a major centre for business

There is a fine piece of ‘nation unbuilding’ double speak in last night’s Federal Budget in its allocation of $8.5 million for an ‘Aviation Strategic Plan for Sydney‘. The title is as misleading as Laurie Breteton’s decision in 1995 to ‘stop work on Badgery’s Creek in order to fast track it,‘ in relation to building […]

It’s fog diversion season again in Rockhampton

Last week’s diversion of a Qantas 747-400 inbound from Los Angeles to Brisbane to Rockhampton because of fog gave David Blackwell at its airport some more trophies for his portfolio of jets you don’t really expect to see at an Australian country airport. It can only be a matter of time, and nature, before he […]

In defence of plane spotters, a.k.a. ‘anoraks’

Among the dumber mindsets in matters concerning security at airports there has been a crack down on photography in general and plane spotters in particular. The situation is not as bad in Australia as in Little Britain, India, the EU, and the US, but there have been anecdotal reports on sites dedicated to aircraft spotting […]

What Avalon Airport is telling Sydney

Tiger’s confirmation of a deal with Avalon Airport sends a very sharp message to Sydney, which is ‘build a second airport at Badgery’s Creek.’ No, of course Sydney won’t listen. Nor will the Rudd Government nor the Abbott opposition, nor either side of NSW politics. Sydney is going to continue is slide into infrastructure grid […]

Jetstar threatens to cap or quit services to Darwin and Hobart over airport fees, and pulls out of Rockhampton

Disagreements between Jetstar and airport owners have flared into the open today. Earlier today Jetstar announced it was quitting Rockhampton, one of its original launch routes in 2004, because of an unresolved dispute over handling fees at a local government owned airport that has always claimed to be cheap and low cost carrier friendly. Then […]

Futility meets impossibility in costly new Australian air travel security measures

Looked at clinically, the $200 million air travel security upgrades including body scanners announced by the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd today are a case of futile measures meeting an impossible task. That is because there is no remotely practicable combination of procedures and technology that can remove the risk of a terrorist attack on the […]

Body scans and the Schiphol soft sell

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport has started the soft sell approach to voluntary body scanners, except of course for flights to America, for which scan, feel and interrogate is the consequence of the US intelligence failures that allowed a crotch bomber to try and blow up a flight landing at Detroit on Christmas Day. The brochure that […]