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Topic: Delta Airlines
<em>The options for new wide body twin engined airliners have become more complex as older designs live on with new engines, 'sharper' packages</em>

Most capable A330 yet makes first flight, extends model life

The options for new wide body twin engined airliners have become more complex as older designs live on with new engines, 'sharper' packages

Delta buys own oil refinery, but is it really the ultimate airline fuel hedging strategy?

There is little doubt that at some moments Australian airline managers would have dreamed about doing what US giant, Delta Airlines is now doing. Which is to buy its own oil refinery, to cut out the costs of hedging, and transporting fuel, as well as to secure supply. But it is not a move all […]

What will Virgin Australia do with Delta 777s?

US approval for the Virgin Australia, Delta Airlines joint venture on flights and domestic connections between each carrier on their flights between Australia and America was finally granted overnight. The official statement, as usual in such announcements, is a sugar overdose. However the important question, from the Australian traveller perspective, is what Virgin Australia will […]

Virgin Australia: After America comes Asia, all of it

Following the overnight provisional approval by the US  of the Virgin Australia-Delta Airlines alliance  the Australian carrier is lining up a comprehensive set of arrangements to cover all of Asia, north, south-east, and China, Japan and Korea, by December 31. In a teleconference, Virgin Australia’s CEO John Borghetti wouldn’t be drawn on it being a […]

‘Virgin Delta’ gets US approval

Virgin Australia has finally been given the nod for its trans Pacific and network alliance with giant US carrier Delta Airlines. The US Department of Transportation has served notice that it will make the tentative approval final in coming weeks.  The deal has already been approved by the ACCC in Australia. In its statement the […]

Early puzzles in foiled Detroit flight bombing attempt

There are some very strange elements emerging in reports of the attempted bombing of a Delta Airlines flight as it approached Detroit airport from Amsterdam on Christmas Day. One is that the screening measures in place at major airports including those in Australia should have detected one or more of the components of the attack […]

‘Delta V’ trans Pacific deal gets closer

The competition watchdog the ACCC today published a draft determination proposing authorisation of a joint venture between Virgin Blue and Delta Airlines on their flights between Australia and the US. Although not final the draft makes a link up early in 2010 likely given that the necessary US approval for the deal seems inevitable because […]

Delta V-how it might work

The chances of a trans Pacific joint venture by the Virgin Blue group of carriers and Delta have improved after the US Department of Transport approved anti trust immunity for Continental Airlines participating in the Star Alliance, which includes its major rival United Airlines. The Department of Justice under the Obama administration had earlier voiced […]

Announcing Delta V, but will it fly?

Virgin Blue and Delta Airlines are seeking regulatory approval to fly the Pacific united, no not that United, but together. But will the two airlines be allowed to get together as closely, if not closer, than Qantas and American Airlines get as members of the oneworld alliance? Please enter your email address Sign up Delta […]

This Delta connection is much bigger than announced

There is context to the announcement of the interline agreement between V Australia and Delta which seems to have escaped the regurgitaters of airline press releases. Delta, which eclipsed Southwest as the world’s largest airline in last year’s merger with Northwest wants United Airlines dead. Actually, deader than it is. V Australia’s owner, Virgin Blue, […]