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Topic: Dick Smith

Mixing cattle choppers and big jets on the same radio frequency headed to court

It is highly likely that few Australians, or for that matter, readers of The Australian are paying much attention to Dick Smith’s episodic attacks on the competency of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. But they should, because what is at stake goes beyond even air safety Please enter your email address Sign up

Dick Smith says “get out of general aviation now”

It’s a fair bet that almost no-one who flies on scheduled airlines in this country knows what ‘general aviation’ really is.

Dick Smith says ATC upgrade plans verge on ‘criminal negligence’

Dick Smith has written to the Minister responsible for Aviation, Deputy PM Warren Truss, describing current plans to upgrade Australian air traffic control as “verging on criminal negligence.”

<em>Are we wasting millions, and destroying general aviation, by inadequately and unfairly introducing new air traffic control technology?</em>

Dick versus Angus over air space reform in Australia

Are we wasting millions, and destroying general aviation, by inadequately and unfairly introducing new air traffic control technology?

Air traffic control absurdities highlighted by Dick Smith

Dick Smith has driven a long series of disclosures in recent weeks in The Australian of absurdities in the administration of air services and safety in this country, and this morning’s installment concerning Lord Howe Island air traffic issues is by far the most telling.

Plain talking about Dick Smith and censorship

Dick Smith and the writer have disagreed about almost everything since we became friends, and rivals, as rock climbers in the 1960s, after being part of successive attempts on Balls Pyramid near Lord Howe Island. But the prime time censorship of his Australia Day ‘Dick Smith Foods’ TV commercial is ridiculous and creepy. You can […]

And now for something completely different in kangaroo route flying

For those who find the UK-Australia flights somewhat crowded and boring, Dave Sykes, who sometimes answers to ‘Spokes’ or ‘Wheely,’ has an alternative. The paraplegic microlight pilot and adventurer, who set out from York on April 28, has now reached Bali, and hopes to make his first Australian touchdown in Darwin soon. [youtube][/youtube] Please enter […]

The relocate Qantas-to-China debate started by Dick Smith

Dick Smith knows how to get people to think about difficult ideas, whether it is population and sustainability, or airline safety. His argument, published in a Steve Creedy article in the Australian yesterday, that Qantas had no option but to shift everything it could to China, worked very well, considering it was up against the […]

Something different in Air Asia flight reviews

There are many reviews about Air Asia’s low prices, seating and service standards on the various consumer sites or travel reports on the internet. Some critical, some favourable. However this correspondence, forwarded to Plane Talking by Dick Smith, is in a class of its own, both for the observational details and the responses received by […]

A sarcastic and opinionated look at air space reform

With no certainty at this stage as to which miserably mean spirited and visionless conservative party will win the August 21 election, it might be reasonable to tidy up a critical element in the radar and air space controversy that Dick Smith recently ignited. The central issue is that of dragging Australia into world’s best […]