August, 2013

Pentagon raises JSF cancellation in US budget review leak

, Aug 03, 2013

A very important question for this Australian government, or the next. Why is the Pentagon leaking stories referring to the possible cancellation of the Joint Strike Fighter?
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China stealth combat jet videos pose defence questions

, Jun 03, 2012

An email from Air Power Australia earlier today links to a series of You Tubes of China’s Chengdu J-20 fifth generation stealth jet which raises a whole set of questions for defence experts to consider. Most of those questions are better discussed elsewhere, but there are broader matters of public policy that ought to be […]

A timely warning: The JSF may be axed

, Dec 06, 2011

Business Spectator, a Crikey network partner, has published a timely warning by Robert Gottliebsen that the US is edging closer to cancelling the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter or JSF, which would have dire consequences for Australia’s defences. Gottliebsen nails it. His report demands more than attention from those concerned about defence matters, notably the epidemic […]

Australia deciding whether to look for JSF F-35 alternative

, Jul 27, 2011

Defence Minister Stephen Smith has just told ABC News 24 that Australia is ‘using risk analysis to work out if Australia needs to explore an alternative to the Joint Strike Fighter.’ His comments build very strongly on those he made yesterday, and coincide with clear signs that Democrat and Republican support for the JSF or […]
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Two aircraft that put pressure on the JSF

, Jan 04, 2011

The appearance of two all new attack and defendĀ  aircraft at the beginning and end of the year just over have both raised issues of substance for the Joint Strike Fighter JSF or F-35 program, and reasons for the US and its allies to carefully review their plans to maintain air superiority. The first bookend […]

Mainstream US media report signals JSF implosion

, Nov 02, 2010

For those that cling to the view that all is well with the Joint Strike Fighter, or JSF F-35 project this story of the hour on Bloomberg may loosen your grip on fantasy. This is a straight up and down leak to a mainstream news resource that, logically, can be explained as a considered strategy […]

UK may buy as few as 12 F-35s

, Oct 20, 2010

Two very different developments in Europe should lead to some deep thinking among Defence and Foreign Affairs advisers in Canberra. The first is the consequences for the Joint Strike Fighter or F-35 from the cuts to military spending announced in the UK last night. An analysis by Bill Sweetman on the Aviation Week Ares blog […]

The true lethality of the JSF made plain

, Sep 24, 2010

No aircraft design in history is going to have such a negative effect on western politics and security as the Lockheed Martin lead JSF or Joint Strike Fighter F-35 project. This is the only conclusion that can be taken from the US Air Force Association presentation (below) by the recently retired commander of the USAF […]
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JSF head misrepresented or lied about F-35 claims Federal MP

, Jun 19, 2010

In a parliamentary speech this week Liberal backbencher Dr Dennis Jensen accuses Tom Burbage, the executive vice president for F-35 program integration at Lockheed Martin of misrepresenting, or at worst, telling lies about aspects of the Joint Strike Fighter’s price and performance. The criticism of Burbage followed his visit to Australia to discuss the F-35, […]
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Australia being misled about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

, Jun 17, 2010

The author of this succinct picture of defence reporting the Australian way (above) which is with few exceptions, apologetic and subservient, has provided Crikey with a snapshot of the state of Australia’s JSF purchase, on which our air power superiority depends, and for which the defence establishment of this country has become the de facto […]