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Topic: fuel surcharge

Defining moments in deceptive conduct by airlines

Last week the ACCC told Plane Talking it didn’t monitor airline charges and would only intervene in the pricing of air fares if it believed a carrier was engaging in deceptive conduct. The ACCC clearly operates under a deceptive definition of ‘deceptive’ and perhaps should consider ordering itself to take out newspaper advertisments acknowledging the […]

Oil $US 36.20, fuel levy robbery continues

Oil is dropping like a rock this morning, and at 8.30 EDT was $US 36.20. The robbery called fuel surcharges on Australian tickets continues even as foreign carriers start lining up to fly levy free. The ACCC continues to think that the surcharge label of being for fuel is not deceptive conduct. The airlines here […]

Under the pump. Will airlines ‘hide’ their fuel surcharges?

The roll back of fuel surcharges on airfares continues apace as oil drops even faster and further than the Australian dollar. Virgin Blue is the latest example. It has cut its surcharges by 20%, to $19 per domestic sector and $35 per international flight across the Tasman or within the nearer South Pacific and PNG. […]