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Topic: ICAO

Thailand fails critical air safety standards, cops US downgrade

All Thai airlines flights that serve Australia are as of today branded as coming under inadequate safety oversights from its national aviation agencies as a result of ICAO and American FAA downgrades.

Australia betrays public safety in opposing L-Ion battery jet ban

When you check in for a flight in Australia no matter how you do it, you have to comply with very strict safety rules related to lithium-ion batteries.

Australia, Singapore ramp up Thai air safety scrutiny

Safety regulators in Australia and Singapore have now joined Japan and South Korea in increasing their scrutiny of Thai flag carriers following an ICAO audit that raised questions about air safety regulation in Thailand.

Thai carriers under threat of air safety downgrade

Thailand is at risk of an aviation safety downgrade by ICAO and is taking urgent action under martial law powers to avoid the damaging commercial consequences that would follow such a decision.

Did Australia mislead ICAO over the Pel-Air crash?

Updated with partial response from Minister Truss. The Pel-Air accident scandal now threatens to undermine Australia’s nomination of the former chief of  CASA, John McCormick, as the next secretary general of ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

India busted to level 2 safety rating, is Australia next?

India’s airlines will suffer from US safety sanctions and reputational damage following its failing an American FAA audit of its aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

US rehabilitates Israeli air safety, a lesson for Australia

The US Federal Aviation Agency’s rehabilitation of Israel as a Level 1 state in relation to air safety ought to be read as the clearest of warnings to Australia to get its act together without delay.

Jetstar drops hints about oneworld

What Jetstar Group CEO Bruce Buchanan said at the bottom of an interview in the Herald-Sun today is what is top of mind for the travel industry, and no doubt for those who keep asking if owner Qantas might one day spin it ( or itself) off from the Qantas/Jetstar entity. In that part of […]

Angry Flyers Lounge-CASA and REX under fire

The managing director of REX, Jim Davis, now says that the emergency descent made by one of its SAAB 340s on its way from Sydney to Wagga Wagga on 7 May was ‘just a maintenance error and nothing wrong with the plane.’ Sorry. Just a maintenance error is scarcely a reason for brushing off the […]

Undertrained, underfunded & out of touch, the ICAO audit of Australian air safety oversight

The myth of Australian leadership in air safety is ripped apart in the final and ‘agreed’ report of the ICAO audit of air safety oversight in this country. The findings reveal that CASA ‘does not conduct ongoing oversight of ETOPS reliability programs and consequently does not initiate actions in case a degraded level of safety […]