October, 2017

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Airlines need to highlight chemo drug flight spill risks

, Oct 14, 2017

Our airlines need to use some very plain words about cytotoxic drug spills in passenger cabins
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Does society unwittingly subsidise the likes of Uber or Jetstar?

, Oct 05, 2017

Please consider this Guardian analysis on the true cost of low fare transport, but keep in mind it might be flawed
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Qantas scores 2nd highest profit, announces A380 upgrades and more

, Aug 25, 2017

Despite a profit dip Qantas has a lot of good news to deliver this morning
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Norwegian trips up on the way to whole new longer haul market

, Aug 06, 2017

Norwegian has some bold ideas for shaking up longer distance low cost flying, despite hitting some financial turbulence
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How Jetstar (and others) avoided a crash similar to Air France AF447

, Jul 02, 2017

After all the controversy over Air France AF447 a short ATSB report about a Jetstar incident shows how good safety cultures can avoid tragedy
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Tigerair bites harder into growing Canberra low fare market

, May 26, 2017

Tigerair has taken a second swipe at the Canberra low fare market and still no Jetstar response
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Jetstar scores high in managing assets, but product?

, May 07, 2017

Jetstar shows it knows how to conjure up extra jets worth of capacity for nothing, but at very personal customer cost
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Jetstar v Choice, and a pox on both houses

, Apr 28, 2017

Choice, the consumer news service, has totally lost the plot in its attack on Jetstar
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Will A4ANZ lobby seek third runway for Melbourne Airport?

, Mar 09, 2017

Don't expect the new airline lobby to bust airport parking rip-offs, but they may force runway and airspace upgrades
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Why an airline called Norwegian is of interest in Australia

, Feb 27, 2017

How long before Australia is surrounded by offshore low cost carriers flying its domestic routes?