June, 2010

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Australia being misled about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

, Jun 17, 2010

The author of this succinct picture of defence reporting the Australian way (above) which is with few exceptions, apologetic and subservient, has provided Crikey with a snapshot of the state of Australia’s JSF purchase, on which our air power superiority depends, and for which the defence establishment of this country has become the de facto […]
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F-35 Joint Strike Fighter hit by Dutch roll

, May 21, 2010

The Netherlands parliament has debated and passed three motions which make it very unlikely that country will persevere with its involvement in the F-35 JSF project, although it will come under fierce pressure to remain a customer. This ‘Dutch roll’ comes at a time when Australian Defence Minister, Senator John Faulkner, is officially ‘unhappy’ with […]
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Ministerial undersight of JSF falls to new low while its US critic Bill Sweetman is silenced

, May 11, 2010

The silencing of JSF critic Bill Sweetman by Aviation Week in the US will not change the crisis that has overtaken the Joint Strike Fighter project but it will leave those who rely on the journal less well prepared for the serious and costly remedies which are going to be required to preserve American air […]

Memo Defence: Come clean now on JSF debacle

, Mar 12, 2010

There is an urgent need for Defence Minister, John Faulkner, to tell parliament what he knows about the state of Australia‚Äôs most costly and vital defence acquisition, the F-35 JSF or Joint Strike Fighter. He was tipped off by the US deputy defense secretary William Lynn, about the parlous state of affairs on February 15-16 […]

JSF watch-US FoI documents just published

, Mar 01, 2010

The pace at which the US is discovering the dismal state of the Joint Strike Fighter JSF F-35 program continues to outpace the capacity of the Australian Government to deal with the reality, and the inability of its defence establishment to recognise and react to the disclosures. This story, using documents obtained under American FoI […]
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PAK-FA analysis and high level advice point to JSF crisis

, Feb 16, 2010

About now Defence Minister John Faulkner is having tea and biscuits with William Lynn, the deputy secretary of the US Defense Office, who is breaking some awkward news about the JSF Joint Strike Fighter project. Namely, that March is going to be a very difficult month for the troubled project. But if the Minister had […]