October, 2017

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Malaysia will focus renewed MH370 search where Australia refused to look

, Oct 20, 2017

MH370's best chance of discovery is going to be intensively examined by renewed search
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Did Malaysia cover-up, or stuff-up, key MH370 pointers?

, Oct 04, 2017

Does the X on this graphic mark the most likely resting place of MH370?
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ATSB ‘last’ report on MH370 highlights data on pilot’s flight simulator

, Oct 03, 2017

Some very raw questions remain unanswered as ATSB drops its closing MH370 search report
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MH370 sleuth urges caution over assassination of Malaysian consular official

, Sep 05, 2017

Did something about MH370 cause the death of a diplomatic appointee last month in Madagascar?It seems not
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Pressure mounts on distracted Turnbull Govt to resume MH370 search

, Aug 17, 2017

Will the need for a resumed MH370 search get a 'look in' from an Australian government in crisis, even with long awaited new information on satellite imagery and drift analyses?
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What happens if private MH370 search is launched by new tech US firm?

, Aug 03, 2017

An apparently well resourced privately funded offer to keep looking for MH370 puts the Australian, Malaysian and Chinese authorities on the spot
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MH17 three years on festers as an evil that benefited no one

, Jul 15, 2017

All we can say of MH17 is that evil was done three years ago, to no apparent purpose at all
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Withheld MH370 data supports official claims of high speed impact

, Jul 05, 2017

No doubt to the frustration of conspiracy theorists the missing signals from MH370 endorse the ATSB's most likely scenario for the jet's final moments
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What Malaysia Airlines really thinks about its Airbus A380s

, Jun 28, 2017

Is Malaysia Airlines right about the future strength of Airbus A380s in high volume air transport?

Missing MH370 satellite data released, contains new insights

, Jun 14, 2017

MH370's satellite link showed similar anomalies during the flight it completed prior to its disappearance