February, 2017

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ETA for re-done Pel-Air crash report now set for this March

, Feb 22, 2017

It's now likely that the re-done final investigative report into the Pel-Air crash in 2009 will be published before MH370 is found
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Rogue pilot revelations show CASA tolerated his activities for years

, Jan 26, 2017

Details of the rogue pilot police operation reflect very poorly on air safety regulator CASA
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After almost 7 years Pel-Air crash scandal lurches toward finality

, Oct 14, 2016

How the ATSB expunges the shame of its original and highly unprofessional inquiry into the Pel-Air ditching remains to be seen

Near miss, and attempt to shoot the messenger, add to doubts about ATSB performance

, Jul 29, 2016

The ATSB is there to make flying safer in Australia, not to bury or avoid matters that may embarrass the airlines and their regulator and air traffic services provider
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A video reminder that the redone Pel-Air report is now due

, Feb 07, 2016

A reader has sent us this link to a YouTube of the recovery late last year of the cockpit voice and flight data recorders from the sea floor wreckage of the Pel-Air Westwind jet that was ditched near Norfolk Island in November 2009.
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Pel-Air 2nd final report now has data, and a stab at a date

, Nov 25, 2015

The disgraceful saga of the ATSB inquiry into the ditching of a Pel-Air Westwind jet in 2009 now has black box data, and an indication of a date, for its second and forced final inquiry into the accident.
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ATSB now has only one set of black boxes lost at sea

, Nov 12, 2015

The ATSB has now recovered the black boxes from the Pel-Air crash site that it should have promptly retrieved in 2009.
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Six years on, ATSB about to recover Pel-Air flight data recorder

, Nov 09, 2015

In another triumph of administrative efficiency, diligence and focus the Australian Transport Safety Bureau or ATSB, is poised, after almost six years, to recover the flight recorder from the Pel-Air Westwind corporate jet that was ditched in the sea near Norfolk Island on 18 November 2009.
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Pel-Air crash victim wins right to compensation for PTSD

, May 15, 2015

Karen Casey, the nurse who was seriously injured in the Pel-Air crash near Norfolk Island in 2009, has won the right to damages from the air operator for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
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ATSB releases new month old images of Pel-Air wreckage

, Apr 24, 2015

It seems to have occurred to someone in the ATSB that it does need to eventually post updates on the re-opened inquiry into the 2009 Pel-Air crash which it botched the first time around.