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Ethics, engines and new jets, some problems for the times

December 15, 2010 16

There is an ethical dimension to the crisis of confidence Qantas has experienced in Rolls-Royce concerning its Trent 900 engines, and which it shares with airlines that have ordered the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. That is, can the makers of airliners and aero engines tell the truth in their marketing campaigns? Or have we found ourselves […]

Truth and Consequences for Rolls-Royce

December 12, 2010 13

Although media statements by Rolls-Royce on its Trent 900 issues have yet to amount to more than a single A4 page of double spaced type, a number of firm conclusions can be drawn from the documents tendered in court in Australia and the last ATSB update on engine inspections. One of these is that the […]

Overt and covert Singapore Airlines bashing over A380 RR engines

Overt and covert Singapore Airlines bashing over A380 RR engines

December 8, 2010 4

For industry watchers the publication of the latest newsletter from the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association may qualify as a collector’s edition. It overtly says the same things that voices within Qantas have covertly been saying about the Singapore Airlines response to concerns about the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines that both use on their Airbus […]

Qantas charms the parts off Rolls-Royce!

November 23, 2010 4

Judged by the transcript of a Qantas press conference held at short notice with no dial-in or look-on facility, it is clear that the airline’s CEO, Alan Joyce, now trusts Rolls-Royce more than he trusts their Trent 900 engines for long and lonely flights across the South Pacific. At this morning’s resumption of A380 flights […]

Rolls-Royce under fire from all parties over A380 engines

November 19, 2010 24

Airbus is seeking compensation from Rolls-Royce for the additional costs it is incurring because of the serious issues that have emerged with the Trent 900 engine used by Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa on their A380 fleets. It is also under siege over its failure to tell the airlines and Airbus over changes it made […]

The Anatomy of the Airbus A380 QF32 near disaster

The Anatomy of the Airbus A380 QF32 near disaster

November 17, 2010 84

The Airbus presentation to accident investigators of the damage done to QF32 on November 4 gives new technical insights into this near disaster involving a Qantas A380 with 466 persons on board. The examination of the damage is far from complete, as the presentation makes clear. It doesn’t deal with the other dimensions of this […]

Qantas has another ‘uncontained’ media event

November 13, 2010 5

Qantas doesn’t deserve the reporting it is getting today because of the turnback to Perth yesterday of a Qantas Cityflyer 767 service to Melbourne. If we accept the official explanation that the captain decided to go back to the airport after noticing abnormal vibrations in one of its GE engines then it scarcely warrants more […]

ATSB puts its QF32, Trent 900 log on the web

ATSB puts its QF32, Trent 900 log on the web

November 12, 2010 1

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has put its activity log on the Qantas QF32 incident on the web in advance of a preliminary factual report due by December 3. It makes this a case study of how a large multi-agency air accident investigation proceeds.

Qantas puts Singapore Airlines on back foot over A380s

Qantas puts Singapore Airlines on back foot over A380s

November 11, 2010 3

Qantas has caught out its arch rival Singapore Airlines this morning by indicating it is prepared to go for weeks without using the giant jets until it is convinced they are safe to fly with Rolls-Royce engines. By contrast Singapore Airlines is left trying to convince the public that some of its A380s are safe […]

Singapore Airlines strikes oil on its A380s too, grounds three

November 10, 2010 7

The grounding for engine changes of three Singapore Airlines A380s today suggests the problems with the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines on the giant airliner aren’t confined to the unique use by Qantas of a higher maximum thrust rating on its power plants. The affected Singapore Airlines jets are in Sydney, Melbourne and London. Details of […]

Two engines with a possible cause of QF 32 fault found on one Qantas A380

November 6, 2010 14

Qantas is continuing its intensive examinations of the Rolls-Royce engines on its still grounded A380 fleet with no announcement yet about a return to service. According to some sources the suspected cause of the uncontained Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine failure that seriously damaged QF32 on Thursday has been found in two of the four engines […]

Qantas A380s could be back in service soon

Qantas A380s could be back in service soon

November 5, 2010

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has told a media conference that if nothing adverse is found in a new regime of engine checks, the airline’s fleet of 6 Airbus A380s could be back in service within 24 to 48 hours, meaning as early as Saturday night Australian time. Singapore Airlines is already part way through a […]