September, 2017

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United enters the long haul endurance stakes for Australia-US flights

, Sep 08, 2017

United's non-stops between Sydney and Houston may actually be about Air NZ's ambitions to do Auckland-New York City

Why SingaporeAir’s new US flight is about your backside

, Jun 17, 2016

The first real test of the discomfort levels of the new Airbus A350 versus the Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been set up on the painfully long Singapore-San Francisco route
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More details emerge of massive Chinese hack on US airline

, Jul 31, 2015

There are more detailed claims in Bloomberg and Forbes in recent days as to the depth and true intent of massive Chinese computer hacking attacks on US companies, including United Airlines, that have obvious implications world wide.
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United’s non-stop Melbourne-LAX Dreamliners a QF nightmare?

, Feb 20, 2014

Everyone seems to be stealing Qantas’s lunch. Yesterday it was British Airways with more A380 connections to London and today it is non-stop United 787-9 Dreamliners between Melbourne and Los Angeles.
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United cuts 153,300 seats per year off Australia flights

, Aug 19, 2013

United’s desire to exit the aging 747-400s must be really pressing considering its announcement today that it will downsize its twice daily 744 services from Melbourne via Sydney to Los Angeles or San Francisco to 777-200ERsĀ  fromĀ  1 April next year. That’s a whopping capacity cutdown of 76,650 seats each way in a full year

United 787 ends Tokyo flight in Seattle with engine problem

, Jun 19, 2013

After receiving multiple tweets and messages that a United Airlines 787 flying from Denver to Tokyo had this morning (AU time) made an emergency landing at Seattle Tacoma airport there are follow up messages from aviation sources that it was an oil filter problem with an engine that caused the flight to be aborted.

United signs up for higher volume low fossil carbon fuel

, Jun 05, 2013

Less than a month after an Australian study said conventional aviation fuel prices would have to treble before biofuel alternatives became competitive American carrier United has made a large commitment to buy such fuels from a California based refinery at prices it says will be competitive with current supplies of jet grade kerosene refined from […]

United Airlines loses 10 year old unaccompanied child

, Aug 15, 2012

There are enough details in a very one-sided Canadian report about United Airlines losing an unaccompanied 10 year old child at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport recently to add to the Australian controversy over how its airlines meet their responsibilities to minors flying alone. It is important to note that United hasn’t released a detailed response to […]

United Airlines has Emirates like moment with incorrectly entered take-off weight

, Aug 12, 2012

A US report has highlighted the incredibly close shave an Emirates A345 had at Melbourne Airport in March 2009 in a new case of faulty flight computer data causing a United Airlines 737-900 to struggle to get airborne. The Bloomberg report doesn’t say where or precisely when the United incident occurred but says a data […]
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United’s first 787s in more but confused detail

, Jul 10, 2012

  United has given more details about its ‘induction plan’ for the Boeing 787-8, with the first five of a 50 jet order being placed into service this northern autumn after it starts getting them in September, in advance of an international debut next March between Denver and Tokyo. For United’s Australian customers, it is […]