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Topic: V Australia

Virgin Australia loses $67.8 million after tax

Virgin Australia has filed its results for the year to June 30 prior to a major press conference later this morning. This is the headline summary of the ASX release:

A last blue day at Virgin

It’s the last blue day today for the Virgin brand in domestic airlines as the myth making cranks up a notch or two for tomorrow’s launch of Virgin Australia. Richard Branson will touch down in Sydney in a new or ‘evolved’ looking Airbus A330-200. Across the carrier’s network the temporary badges saying Virgin Blue that […]

Strategic applies for Australia-US capacity

Strategic Airlines has applied to become the fourth Australia flag carrier on the routes to the US, joining Qantas, V Australia and Jetstar from this September. The application to the International Air Services Commission doesn’t indicate what routes that it intends to fly to America, but does say that it would fully use its allocation […]

New competitive realities emerge for Australian airlines

The competitive topography of air transport in Australia changed today. Virgin Blue gained ACCC approval of a trans Tasman alliance with Air New Zealand, and a provisional approval of its alliance with Abu Dhabi based Etihad. Jetstar also began flying an Australian registered A330 based in Singapore using Singapore rates of pay and conditions on […]

Virgin Blue pushes the PR replay button

Memo Virgin Blue: Some of us not only read your press releases, but memorise them. Which is why on trawling through the International Entertainment blog, as one does, this leapt off the screen. August 26, 2010 – Virgin Blue Group of Airlines Chief Executive John Borghetti said, “As a new Australian airline that is already […]

Virgin sings the Delta blues while the Singapore girl hums along in waiting

The obvious question has to be posed about the now threatened Virgin Blue/Delta Airlines joint venture as to just what the two airlines can say to the US Department of Transportation in the the next two weeks to prevent it rejecting their application for anti-trust immunity. Delta is a not just an established American carrier […]

A new blue in fare wars fast approaches

All of the prerequisites for a prolonged fare war between Virgin Blue and Qantas are locked in, and not just for the cheap seats. This morning’s announcement by Virgin Blue that it was quitting New Zealand domestic routes on October 18, but adding that capacity to the trans Tasman, regional Pacific, and Bali routes, as […]

Virgin Blue and V Australia integrate

An integrated management structure for Virgin Blue and V Australia was announced internally in the Virgin Blue group this afternoon, with clear signals as to where new CEO and former Qantas executive gm, John Borghetti is taking the group. The changes put in place the organisational bedrock of an airline that will have a single […]

It’s change pain day at Virgin Blue

Virgin Blue and V Australia will merge their organisational charts today and a number of careers of note will be ended. It will be a sad end for some loyal executives who have given it their all. However the integration of the long haul and domestic brands has been expected since last September, well before […]

Is this what V Blue will be like?

As speculation rises about a relaunch of Virgin Blue’s identity and product, is Virgin America as clear a look as we can have at this moment at what the airline will become? New Virgin Blue CEO, John Borghetti, has added to the speculation with the odd non-market sensitive hint, and his predecessor and co-founder of […]