Bit of a blast from the past here: The Sunday Age has commissioned “Irving Saulwick and Denis Muller” to conduct a 1000-sample survey on Victorian state voting intention. Saulwick was a feature of the Australian polling landscape in the 1980s, but as Antony Green recently noted on this site, the ALP succeeded in damaging its reputation in the early 1990s and Saulwick himself moved on to new endeavours. Labor has nothing to complain about on this occasion: consistent with Newspoll, the poll shows the Coalition headed for a third successive drubbing. Labor leads 50 per cent to 36 per cent (Liberal 32 per cent, Nationals 4 per cent) on the primary vote and 58-42 on two-party preferred, while John Brumby leads Ted Baillieu 56 per cent to 25 per cent as preferred premier. Lots of further detail in the accompanying report.

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