The latest Morgan face-to-face poll, combining results from the previous two weekends, is a weak result for Labor as this series goes, with the Coalition maintaining their 50.5-49.5 lead from the poll of March 12-13. The primary vote figures likewise record little change: Labor down half a point to 37.5 per cent, the Coalition down one point to 43.5 per cent and the Greens up half a point to 12 per cent. As always, the two-party figure I have chosen to lead with is the “preferences distributed by how electors voted at the 2010 election” result rather than the “preferences distributed by how electors say they will vote” figure preferred by Morgan (51-49 to the Coalition in this case), and as always the margin of error (2.3 per cent from a sample of 1819) tells you less than this series’ evident bias to Labor.

UPDATE: Essential Research has the Coalition’s two-party lead up from 52-48 to 53-47, from very slight changes in the primary vote: Labor down a point to 36 per cent, the Coalition and Greens steady on 46 per cent and 10 per cent.

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