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Morgan face-to-face: 52-48 to Coalition

Last weekend's Morgan face-to-face survey echoed other polls conducted at the time in showing little change on earlier polli

Last weekend’s Morgan face-to-face survey echoed other polls conducted at the time in showing little change on earlier polling despite Labor’s leadership turmoil, though as always it failed to echo other polls in having Labor’s primary vote several points higher. In this case Labor’s primary vote was up half a point on the previous week to 37.5 per cent, with the Coalition also up a point to 42.5 per cent and the Greens down 3.5 per cent from an anomalous 14.5 per cent last time. As usual with Morgan (though not Nielsen), there was a substantial difference between the two-party preferred results as derived by respondent allocation (52-48 to the Coalition) and using preference flows from the previous election (50-50).

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The humans have moved to the new thread.

Puff, the Magic Dragon.
Puff, the Magic Dragon.

Hmm, I am the only one here. Are we sliding back through the wormhole?

Puff, the Magic Dragon.
Puff, the Magic Dragon.

If this is the politics of envy and class warfare, so be it, bring it on. If these people choose to use their wealth to disadvantage the community and further their own political agendas, let the battle begin. They lost me when they got on that flat-bed truck.

Puff, the Magic Dragon.
Puff, the Magic Dragon.

It is not correct to describe these people are rich, they are rich and disgusting.



[If these people have rorted the tax system the ATO has powerful methods to investigate and prosecute. If the tax laws have loopholes that these people take advantage of the the government has the power to change the laws. If Swan thinks people shouldn’t be able to accumulate obscene amounts of wealth then he needs to clearly set out what changes need to be made to prevent the accumulation of obscene wealth.

David, I don’t know about Swan, but I object to people with obscene wealth running advertising campaigns using their millions in an attempt to stop the government from changing the laws to benefit the vast majority of Australians.

Yesiree Bob

From Dessert Fox some pages back

Wayne Swan is a national embarrassment. No sooner does he bag Clive Palmer then Palmer is endorsed by ordinary Australians as a national living treasure! How out of touch the federal government is! Why shouldn’t ordinary Ausralians have a say in who is a national living treasure?

I new a person who was a “National Treasure”. He was married to my Great Aunt (does that make him my “Great Uncle” ?)
Speaking personally (and knowing why the person I knew was a “National Treasure”) I think its a discrace that Palmer was awarded this “honnour”. I don’t know how they award anyone with the title “national treasure” but Clive Palmer certainly hasn’t done anything of significance that has added to our nations fabric, in the way that most “national treasures” have.

Puff, the Magic Dragon.
Puff, the Magic Dragon.

So, what is the correct way to pronounce ‘gymnasium’ and ‘hyperbole”?
Hyperbole I always thought was high-per-bowl and gymnasium as jim-nayz- eeum.

Dan Gulberry

New post at The Daily Derp:

Voters Don’t Like LNP On Any Of The Issues

It’d be nice if this one went viral, so Tweeters, Facebookers, all users of social media, do your thang 😀

Send it members of the Government, media and everyone else you can think of.

Lord Barry Bonkton

Centre ??? Why are you sledging the monkey’s at Toronga Park ? Their IQ is much higher than the average Coal-ition member

OzPol Tragic

[At least we Libs know how to pronounce hyperbowl]

Perhaps; but as some of Abbott’s biggest fans are bogans from the backblocks, a prudent person would say “some Libs”.

Additionally, since the PM is most likely to have encountered the use of hyperbole where most of us did – in secondary school – I assume none of her English teachers could pronounce it correctly, or, if they could and were doing their job, should have corrected her mispronunciation; so it’s her teachers fault! I bet they weren’t all non-Lib voters!

BTW, few Australians (inc Libs) pronounce ‘gymnasium’ correctly, even fewer use its correct plural – or the correct plural of ‘stadium’ (or, indeed, most Greek – note the hard G), or correct Latin plurals like Foci, loci, fora and many others.

I might add I’ve heard Lib supporters – including very rabid up-themselves ones – pronounce ‘clivia” as ‘clive (long i)-a”. Cilvia is the plant’s botanical (as well as common) name; which like most botanical names, is Latin/ Greek: so it’s cliv (short vowel) ee, a.

S/he who never pronounces anything incorrectly, let her/him cast the first aspersion.

You need to get a life, David!

Bushfire Bill

The real problem with the billionaires is their readiness to set up astroturfing operations, claiming they are groundswells of people power, when in fact they are finely targeted, undemocratic, front organizations designed to appear as if they spontaneously just arose from nowhere.

Clive Palmer’s new Soccer outfit would be a case in point. It was ready to go, with its own logo and two of Palmer’s nephews as as executive directors.

The Consumers & Taxpayers’ Association is another example: three people run it as a private organization, yet it is depicted as a major public institution. We don’t know who funds that one, but John Singleton (another Swan target and mate of Gina’s) sure gives them a lot of free air time under the guise of talkback radio “listener feedback” calls from its directors that usually go on for 5-10 minutes at a time. Poor Candeloris, for all Generic’s shilling for the Libs, have to pay for a lot less.

The elephant in the room was Rupert Murdoch. His flagship newspaper runs at a loss and has for years, yet it keeps on churning out anti-Labor, anti-NBN, anti-Carbon Tax, anti-MRRT bilge, day after day. It’s a sheltered workshop that only survives as a newspaper at the political pleasure of its malignant owner and backer. None of the jobs there are real jobs. They are subsidized bully pulpits.


Wayne Swan is not attacking the rich.

I personally have no issue with people having money on the grounds that they or their family have actually earn it.

All Wayne Swan is doing it the super rich like Twiggy (paid no corporations tax) and the likes of Clive and Gina need to be less selfish

Swan mentioned the many well off that have preformed outstanding community work and ironically the first person that came to my mind was Dame Elizabeth Murdoch.

The Finnigans

[More BISON material.]

BK, the next update will a bumper edition. Thanks


The problem with the entire mining tax evolution is that it has been poorly managed and communicated and the end result we end up with a flawed policy. The better approach would have been to engage/involve all parties fully from the beginning. That necessitated the federal government, the states because under our Constitution they own the resources and are responsible for a less than efficient royalty system and the industry sector. The federal government and tried to force a bad system on the sector and ended up agreeing on a less than efficient tax system as a result.

Much of what Swan is complaining about is due to his own poor handling of the process.


[But not too much of a fair go, otherwise they lose the drive to find a job!.]
Is this tongue in cheek, or ru being serious?


[I was told Carr (Kim) was instrumental in the downfall of Rudd.]

Really? That would be remarkable given his public support for Rudd.

If true, suggests he was trying to play both sides of the fence, but cocked it up big time.


More BISON material.
[Hiring intentions have reached their highest level in more than three years as a report shows the jobs market has posted solid growth for the second consecutive month.

The monthly ANZ job advertisement series shows the total number of positions advertised rose 3.3 per cent in February on a seasonally adjusted basis, driven by a strong 3.8 per cent rise in online job ads.

This follows a solid upwardly revised jump of 7.5 per cent in January.

ANZ chief economist Warren Hogan believes the labour market will see gradual improvement throughout 2012 based on this result.]


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I liked the way that Swan got in a few digs at the attendant media. That fellow from the Oz was the only once who looked very sullen after he sat down – he wa the one who said “what about the power of the unions?” I think. Obvious slapdown from Swan.

That was David Crowe – recently moved from the AFR to the OO.

He is a pretty good reporter but I’m disappointed to see him working for Murdoch.

But then Stuchbury the new AFR editor moved from working for Murdoch at the OO to edit the AFR – and the tone of the AFR is getting more and more right wing.

After reading the AFR for well over 30 years am thinking seriously giving it the flick because of the *Stuchbury effect*.