Channel Seven in Brisbane reports the latest monthly ReachTEL automated phone poll has support for Queensland’s LNP government rebounding, up from 42.5% to 47.1% on last month with Labor down from 34.9% to 28.9%. Full results will have to wait until their publication on the ReachTEL site.

UPDATE: Didn’t take long: results here. Katter’s Australian Party is up from 10.5% to 11.5% the Greens are down from 8.4% to 7.9%. I calculate that as a clean 60-40 lead for the LNP, compared with 54-46 a month ago.

UPDATE 2: Now we have a result from Newspoll, which I wouldn’t have picked because it normally reports quarterly from Queensland and it’s still on February – I guess Queensland has been promoted to bi-monthly now (UPDATE: Need to read more carefully. It’s Galaxy, not Newspoll). Anyway, GhostWhoVotes relates it’s quite a different set of numbers from ReachTEL, with the LNP two-party preferred lead at only 55-45 (down from 56-44) from primary votes of 43% (down one) and 34% (up one). Campbell Newman’s lead as preferred premier has also narrowed from 53-28 to 52-31.

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