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Federal Election 2013

Mar 16, 2013

Seat of the week: Greenway

The biggest target in the well-stocked Sydney firing line is Greenway, where newly selected Liberal candidate Jaymes Diaz is shooting for second time lucky against Labor's Michelle Rowland.

The western Sydney electorate of Greenway delivered the government a crucial win at the 2010 election, prompting much soul-searching from a Liberal Party which had been tardy in preselecting candidates in this and other key New South Wales seats. Greenway now stands as Labor’s most vulnerable seat ahead of an anticipated tidal wave in suburban Sydney.

The current boundaries of Greenway extend northwards from Blacktown and Toongabbie, about 30 kilometres west of the central business district, through Lalor Park and Kings Langley to Kellyville Ridge and Riverstone. The seat was substantially redrawn at successive redistributions before the 2007 and 2010 elections, of which the first increased the Liberal margin from 0.6% to 11.0% and the second created a Labor margin of 5.8%, boosted by a 6.5% swing to Labor at the intervening election. The more recent redistribution largely reversed the effects of the former, restoring the suburbs south of the M7 which had been accommodated in the interim by Parramatta and Chifley. The scale of the changes was such that the redrawn Greenway had more voters from Parramatta than the electorate as previously constituted. To Macquarie it lost the areas of Hawkesbury which had temporarily given it a semi-rural rather than outer suburban character.

Greenway was created in 1984 and held for Labor by margins at or near the double-digit range until 1996, when inaugural member Russell Gorman was succeeded by Frank Mossfield. Mossfield retired after a low-profile parliamentary career in 2004, after suffering a 6.5% swing that reduced his seat to the marginal zone in 2001. He was succeeded as Labor candidate by Ed Husic, spokesman for Integral Energy and a non-practising Muslim of Bosnian background. The Liberals were perhaps more astute in nominating Louise Markus, a community worker with Hillsong Church, then located in the electorate. Amid muttering of a whispering campaign targeting Husic’s religion, Markus secured a narrow victory with a 3.7% swing, aided in part by an 11.8% informal vote fuelled by a bloated field of candidates and the electorate’s large proportion of non-English speaking voters. This delayed Husic’s entry to parliament until 2010, when he won the outer western suburbs seat of Chifley.

The buffer added by the subsequent redistribution allowed Markus to comfortably survive the 2007 swing, and its effective reversal at the 2010 election had her seeking refuge in marginal Macquarie, which had absorbed the electorate’s outskirts areas. In what at first seemed a secure new seat for the party, Labor endorsed Michelle Rowland, a former Blacktown councillor. Rowland was said to have been “courted” by the party, and was imposed as candidate by the national executive with the backing of the Right. This met with displeasure among local party branches, as such interventions usually do, with critics said to have included Frank Mossfield. Rowland went on to survive a 4.8% swing at the election to retain the seat by 0.9%.

A Liberal preselection ballot held last weekend was won by Jaymes Diaz, a Blacktown immigration lawyer of Filipino extraction, who was also the party’s candidate in 2010. Diaz is associated with the Christian Right faction of state upper house MP David Clarke, and is said to have forged strong local connections through his work as a Blacktown immigration lawyer. It was reported in early 2012 that the party planned to choose the candidate from a US-style primary in a “calculated bid” to freeze out Diaz, with Tony Abbott said to favour a different candidate (there was a disputed suggestion he had approached former rugby league player Matt Adamson).

In the event the matter determined through a normal local party ballot, the result of which confirmed his strength in the local party. Sixty-nine votes were recorded for Diaz against 27 for Brett Murray, a motivational speaker and anti-bullying campaigner associated with the “soft Right” faction of Mitchell MP Alex Hawke, and a solitary vote for accountant Mark Jackson. Other high-profile contenders were former Rose Tattoo singer Gary “Angry” Anderson and Hills councillor Yvonne Keane, both of whom withdrew when it became clear Diaz had the numbers. Padding out the original field of nominees were business coach Robert Borg, gym owner Rowan Dickens, senior financial analyst Mathew Marasigan, marketing manager Ben Jackson, Hills councillor Mark Owen Taylor, security supervisor Renata Lusica and, curiously, Josephina Diaz, mother of Jaymes.


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Piers and his RW media cronies are sounding more shrill and unhinged?


They boy is the hot favorite. Why are they so anxious?

Could it be that they know they have a dud and worry he wont last the distance?


Re Piers & Insiders,

Was sitting in bed with my 2yo twins this morning watching Insiders on abc24 ( they would prefer Peppa Pig on abc2, but hey, swings & roundabouts – have lost count of the number of repeats of In the NightGarden I have watched).

This is quite relevant because, from the moment Piers vented, till the end of his quite animated rupturing of his spleen, the bubs were absolutely captivated at the sight & sound of his cartoon like fury.

And then they sat quietly with me till the end of the show.

If nothing else, I would like to thank Piers for granting me this rare moment of peace whilst watching a tv show I want to watch.


Yes I remember, but I think it is generally accepted that it is the Opposition Organ.


BK Remember the debate here in Nov 07 on big issues -shall we call The Oz the Opposition Orifice or not. Eventually we sorted it out to O Organ. Bludgers never shirk the hard decisions 🙂

Dave Rowland was good as a correspondent. His work on the 08 Obama election was really good. Breakfast is a shallow program for him altho he’s a pretty face in the mornings when I’m looking like the backend of the blackberry bush


Dio – Water colours … Turner would be suspect!

(How is your painting going?)

Greensborough Growler
Greensborough Growler


Living in Banyule, which is the general area wher the Heidelberg Scholl painted back in the late 19th Century, you can actually hire out artworks from the Council’s extensive range for your own walls.


GhostWhoVotes ‏@GhostWhoVotes

#Nielsen Poll 2 Party Preferred: ALP 44 (0) L/NP 56 (0) #auspol



i thought that this would be what Gina understands Gaugin to mean: “I have just been gaugin myself on a lovely cheese cake and 72 lamingtons”


A private collector in Adelaide has a Renoir, Klimt and Schiele stolen two weeks ago.

There is some doubt about their providence to say the least.



[Because the Cops throw things in the river over at your place. Much more civilised in Canberra.

Are you referring to the gay Uni lecturer?


Gaugin? I believe Gina thinks that’s a gas project in WA.


The daily tele misrepresenting Rimington, and using a photo obtained weeks ago?

And they are arguing they dont need more regulation



[But, when the NGV had phenomenal resources, it could have been buying impressionists, expressionist and abstract art all first class, for a song, etc, etc, etc… Instead, the petty bourgeois running the show slavishly stuck with academic art of the most hideously boring kind.]

There’s some truth to that, though it is exaggerated by cultural lefty types. The NGV did buy a lot of junk (now in the basement), but they did buy modern art as well – some of it also junk, of course. They also bought things that could now never be bought, such as the Tiepolo. Also, the NGV still gets a million a year from the Felton investments, much of which is spent on contemporary art.

[There was a footnote to this. One of Menzies’ ill-fated ambitions was to establish an ‘Art Academy’, I believe in the 1940′s, presumably hoping to re-establish reactionary control over Australian art.]

It was in 1938, when he was Attorney-General. His main artistic advisers were Lionel Lindsay and Max Meldrum, a pair of arch-reactionaries, and Meldrum an anti-Semite to boot.



[I really can’t see why Canberra has the NGA. ]

Because the Cops throw things in the river over at your place. Much more civilised in Canberra.

I’ll be turning up for the Turner’s.


Posted Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 7:51 pm | PERMALINK

I have heard stories along those lines too. Because I live in a fire prone area, quite a few people around here work for the Department of Sustainability and Environment, as firefighters, environmental managers, etc. I know quite a few graduates (in environmental science or development) who would normally have guaranteed jobs in the DSE currently unemployed or working in retail. That story does not surprise me.]

Is that right in that case sickening, not it was dated in January what has been done. Where is Rummel when he could possibly shed some light on this.


[Posted Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 8:31 pm | Permalink


Not really. They should have sent someone to Paris, St Petersburg, Berlin and Vienna around the beginning of the 20th century to buy up van Goghs, Manets, Kandinsky’s, Monets, Picassos, Gaugins, Braques and the like. Cheap as chips by today’s standards.]

Art didn’t stop at the end of the 20th century, what is being produced today is as cheap as chips, and buying some of it would actually support the art community.

Greensborough Growler
Greensborough Growler


We’ll be in violent agreement if you’re not careful.



Michael Rowland ‏@mjrowland68
@Phil_B7 @p_totaro @margokingston1 What the Sunday Tele did was disgraceful. I’ll have more on the back story tomorrow morning.

Last night Chris Kenny showed how fragile NewsLtd. people are and tomorrow Rowlands will show how the
ABC has been used by them.

BH – Hopefully the penny is dropping for some in the ABC how they and the rest of the country is being conned by murdoch.

Mind you I don’t know how much is beyond the control of ABC reporters etc and controlled by program producers etc.

It will be interesting to see what Michael Roland comes up with – I was impressed by him when he reported from the US and underwhelmed by his ‘performance’ when he returned home.


[Looks like Hugh Rimmington about to dump bigtime on the Daily Telalie]

ABC’s Michael Rowland the same – as per tweet above.