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Federal Election 2013

Aug 11, 2013


A dedicated thread for your blow-by-blow commentary of the leaders’ debate at the National Press Club as it unfolds.


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442 thoughts on “Live debate thread

  1. This little black duck

    Minus 2 minutes.

  2. confessions

    ABC1 is broadcasting the debate live.

  3. This little black duck

    So is SBS2 – without the crap.

  4. confessions


    Doesn’t SBS have adverts?

  5. alias

    Despite Abbott’s debating weakness, it’s still quite even.

  6. lefty e

    Which ones have the worm?

  7. liyana

    Everybody knows this is set up to show Abbott as ‘presidential’ right? I’m not presuming any even handedness..

    Oh and as for the app for the worm? Cant get on- wish I had NBN

  8. This little black duck

    Not during the debate, I shouldn’t think.

  9. guytaur

    @tveedercom: Watch now: live transcript of Australia Votes – Leaders’ Debate via @ABCNews24 http:/www.tveeder.com #ausvotes #auspol

  10. bemused

    Worm is on GEM. 90 in Melbourne.

  11. alias

    How long does the debate run for? One hour?

  12. guytaur

    “@BBCBreaking: WATCH: Australia’s Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and opposition leader Tony Abbott in election #debate http://t.co/nZOtGrAGxA”

  13. Psephos

    Do all please try to remember that most floating voters won’t be watching and don’t care. That is all.

  14. poroti

    Stop watch on. What is going to take effect on me first , ColonLYTELY or Tony Abbott ?

  15. AussieAchmed

    Abbott off to a good start – he hasn’t run away

  16. This little black duck

    Good of the beeb to notice.

  17. confessions

    Females not liking what they are hearing, according to the worm.

  18. alias

    I had forgotten until just now that the pointy end of these debates is the after-debate as to who won. Once News Ltd declares Abbott the winner, no matter what he does, the die is cast – and the so-called victory is the only take-away that matters (unless there is a monumental gaffe).

  19. Diogenes

    Rudd comes across a lot more polished than Abbott.

  20. alias

    Abbott’s opening is strong, sad to say (I’m not seeing the worm).

  21. BK

    “scrap carbon tax” = plunging worm!

  22. confessions

    Now people are liking what they are hearing.

  23. AussieAchmed

    Keep the carbon compensation – how will it be funded?

  24. This little black duck

    Boredom factor high. Bring on the debate.

  25. This little black duck


  26. BK

    “Stop the boats” = worm plunge.

  27. ruawake

    Stop the boats may need to go.

  28. alias

    Is Abbott reading an autocue?

  29. liyana

    Where is the money coming from? Slogan slogan slogan, stop the boats!

  30. Diogenes

    Abbott needs to look at the camera more. The boats comment was a complete non sequitur after talking about highways.

  31. This little black duck

    I’ve just been out-boated.

  32. AussieAchmed

    Calling the countries in Europe Middle east lacking self respect because their borders are not secure

  33. ruawake

    Abbott couldn’t get to 3 mins.

  34. confessions

    Well that was exciting. Not.

  35. alias

    Abbott lacking warmth. Words quite good but he appears too grim.

  36. poroti

    I’m watching Sky, no worm. Where can I see the worm ?

  37. guytaur

    @abcnews: Send a tweet with #DebateRudd to vote for Kevin Rudd or use #DebateAbbott to vote for Tony Abbott. Results: http://t.co/TE27adxA57

  38. Mod Lib

    Awkward moment at the end of Abbott’s bit!

  39. Laocoon

    well, what an anti-climatic end for Abbott; back to rhetoric school 🙂

  40. Carey Moore

    That worm slipped very sharply when Abbott mentioned the boats

  41. AussieAchmed


    Posted Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 6:38 pm | Permalink

    Is Abbott reading an autocue?

    no he just a sllooowwww thinker trying to remember his lines otherwise Peta will put him in the naughty corner

  42. BK

    Worm on GEM (usually 90)

  43. confessions



  44. Diogenes

    The worm looks bored.

  45. DisplayName

    Must be a worm with heart problems and a sticky floor, Carey.

  46. alias

    Rudd incredibly good on his feet, deflecting Speers’ questions and getting his message through. He is relentlessly good at this.

  47. confessions

    Laocoon! Good to see you again.

  48. alias

    Abbott frowning way too much. His people will be having a meltdown.


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