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Tasmanian Politics

Mar 16, 2014

Tasmanian election call of the board

One clear change of government overnight at least, with a landslide win for Will Hodgman's Liberals and a grim night for Labor, Greens and PUP alike.


Late news: a thumping win for Will Hodgman and the Liberals in Tasmania, on 14 or maybe even 15 seats in a chamber of 25. A very quick review of the results which I’m just now perusing for the first time, as much to get this straight in my head as anything else:

Bass. The ABC computer is calling it three seats to the Liberals and one to Labor, and it seems to me the last seat is likely to stay with the Greens, which would amount to the Liberals gaining a seat from Labor. So Peter Gutwein and Michael Ferguson re-elected for the Liberals and likely to be joined by Sarah Courtney; Michelle O’Byrne re-elected for Labor, but fellow incumbent Brian Wightman defeated; and Kim Booth re-elected for the Greens.

Braddon. Liberals three, Labor one; the last seat might be a fourth for the Liberals, which would be quite something. Or it could be a second Labor seat or a first for the Greens. What it won’t be is a win for Kevin Morgan of the Palmer United Party, for whom the party had high hopes. Adam Brooks and Jeremy Rockliff re-elected for the Liberals, newcomers Roger Jaensch and Joan Rylah fighting it out for a third or potentially both getting elected. Bryan Green to retain his seat for Labor, fellow incumbent Brenton Best only to make it if Labor wins a second seat. Greens MP Paul O’Halloran struggling to hold his seat.

Denison. A status quo result of two Labor, two Liberal, one Greens. Matthew Groom and Elise Archer re-elected for the Liberals; Scott Bacon re-elected for Labor, the second seat a four-way lottery between newcomers; Cassy O’Connor re-elected for the Greens.

Franklin. The Liberals gain a seat from Labor for a result of three Liberal, one Labor, one Greens. Will Hodgman and Jacquie Petrusma re-elected for the Liberals, to be joined by upper house ex-independent Paul Harriss. For Labor, Lara Giddings re-elected and David O’Byrne defeated, although the latter would be back on a re-count if the former didn’t hang around. Nick McKim re-elected for the Greens.

Lyons. Three Liberal, one Labor, with Labor and the Greens grappling for a final seat. So a Liberal gain either from Labor or the Greens. Rene Hidding and Mark Shelton re-elected for the Liberals, to be joined by Guy Barnett. Rebecca White re-elected for Labor, possibly to be joined by David Llewellyn, attempting to return after his defeat in 2010. Tim Morris struggling to win re-election for the Greens.


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