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NSW Politics

Jul 9, 2014

Newspoll: 57-43 to Coalition in NSW

Newspoll's bi-monthly New South Wales result gives Mike Baird's government a commanding lead, putting them well clear of what was indicated in previous post-Barry O'Farrell polling.


The latest bi-monthly Newspoll reading of New South Wales state voting intention in The Australian is a surprisingly strong one for Mike Baird’s government, which has a 57-43 lead on two-party preferred. This is down from 58-42 at the last poll on Barry O’Farrell’s watch in January-February, with no result provided for the period of his departure in March-April. On the primary vote, the Coalition is down three to 43%, Labor steady on 31%, and the Greens up three to 13%. Baird gets a honeymoon-ish set of personal ratings, including 49% approval and 19% disapproval, and a 47-20 lead over John Robertson as preferred premier, which compares with 56-39 in the last poll under O’Farrell. However, Robertson himself has spiked five on approval to 35%, and is down two on disapproval to 32%. While the result is considerably weaker for Labor than Galaxy and Essential Research results published at the end of May, it remains Labor’s equal best Newspoll result in New South Wales for about four years, along with the result of November-December last year.


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8 thoughts on “Newspoll: 57-43 to Coalition in NSW

  1. Kevin Bonham

    Honeymoon bounce, possibly amplified by sample noise.

  2. Al Dente

    Hardly surprising. The NSW Coalition front-benchers conduct themselves like mature, responsible, caring individuals who make an effort to connect with their electorates.

    In stark contrast to the braying, shrill, rampant, triumphalist dickheads of Coalition figures in QLD, WA, VIC and Federally…

    Interstate Coalition dickheads: Take note of what your colleagues in NSW are doing, for they are doin’ it right.

  3. outside left

    They are not that popular. ICAC resumes next month ,which is not good news for Baird. It will narrow considerably

  4. moderate

    Al Dente gets it pretty right. Baird has really hit the ground running, and the “match up” against Robertson is pure gold for the Libs. I suspect very few seats will be shed if the respective leaderships stay in place….

  5. mikehilliard

    Am I mistaken or has Baird distanced himself somewhat from Abbott of late, that could have helped.

  6. Unitary State

    the fact of the matter is, so long as Robertson is leader of the Labor party, the Labor party will forever remain electorally irrelevant. With any other leader they can and will be more than politically competitive.

    Im sorry, there is not other way to put this. People to grow up and accept this reality once and for all.

  7. shellbell

    Hopefully the NSW ALP are getting a spot ready for Mark Lennon (Secretary Unions NSW) who is impressive in everything he does.

    Small problem is that there are about 30 Lib safe seats wrapped around (layer upon layer) where he attends mass, so an upper house gig may be necessary.

    I doubt he will take the Reba Meagher option of being the member for Cabramatta while living at the beach.


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