The Australian has published a quarterly result of state voting intention in Western Australia, and it reflects recent federal polling from the state in showing a strong move at the expense of the major parties in favour of the Greens and, presumably, Palmer United. With the Greens soaring to 17% and everybody else on 16% (and the absence of a dedicated figure for Palmer United seeming ever more perverse), the weakness of the collective major party vote is such that Labor achieves parity from a seemingly disastrous primary vote of 27%. The combined result for the Liberals and Nationals is 40%, their worst result in Newspoll since Troy Buswell was Opposition Leader. Colin Barnett’s personal ratings have not recovered from the collapse that showed up late last year, his approval steady at 34% and disapproval up two to 56%. Mark McGowan holds a 43-36 as preferred premier, and has an approval rating of 49% with disapproval at 31%. With both of the state’s main newspapers out of the polling game, and Newspoll reporting only sporadically, this is only the second state poll for WA since the March 2013 election. The other one was the Newspoll result for October-December, which had the Liberals and Nationals leading 51-49 and recording 44% on the primary vote, with Labor on 33% and the Greens on 13%. McGowan’s current ratings, strong as they are, are down from what was probably an unsustainable result last time of 51% approval and 22% disapproval.

UPDATE: GhostWhoVotes relates that the Coalition’s 40% consists of 34% for the Liberals and 6% for the Nationals. It’s also worth pointing out that the Greens’ 17% is the highest they have ever recorded in Newspoll.

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