The Australian has published Newspoll’s bi-monthly state voting intention result for New South Wales, where the state election is now less than five months away. The result is very encouraging for Mike Baird, showing his Coalition government’s lead on two-party preferred opening up from 54-46 in July-August to 55-45 in September-October. The Coalition is up two points on the primary vote to 42%, with Labor and the Greens unchanged at 33% and 13%. Mike Baird has also consolidated his honeymoon personal ratings – his approval rating, which was at 49% in his two previous Newspoll surveys, has shot up seven points to 56%, his disapproval rating has fallen three to 20%, and his lead over John Robertson has preferred premier widens from 45-21 to 52-17. It is particularly unusual for a leader so new to the job to have a drop in their disapproval, as the usual pattern is for both approval and disapproval to increase as the uncommitted jump off the fence. John Robertson’s approval rating is up a point to 35%, and it appears his disapproval was also little changed on its 32% last time.

Two other New South Wales state results from the past two days:

Essential Research has a result compiled from the entirety of its online polling for October, which has the Coalition lead up from 53-47 to 54-46 from primary votes of 46% for the Coalition (up two), 36% for Labor (unchanged) and 8% for the Greens (unchanged).

Roy Morgan has published results from SMS polling for every state, the New South Wales result having hit a big sample of 1860 respondents. This had the Coalition lead out to 56-44 from 53-47 in the last such poll a month ago, the primary votes being 46% for the Coalition (unchanged), 34% for Labor (up 1.5%), 10.5% for the Greens (down 1.5%) and 3.5% for Palmer United (unchanged).

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