The Courier-Mail brings us a Galaxy poll of 800 respondents, conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it’s the Newman government’s worst result from the ten Galaxy polls conducted since it came to office. Labor leads on the primary vote by 38% (up two since August) to 37% (down two), with the Greens up two to 9% and Palmer United down five to 7%. This comes out as 50-50 on two-party preferred, compared with a Liberal National Party lead of 52-48 last time. Despite that, Campbell Newman’s is up five on approval to 41% and down five on disapproval to 51%, and his lead as preferred Premier is up from 42-41 to 47-37. Annastacia Palaszczuk is at 37% on both approval and disapproval, which is respectively down two and up two. The poll also finds a steady growth of support for the government’s anti-bikie laws, from 48% in February to 56% in May to 60%, with opposition declining from 45% to 36% to 33%.

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