Next off the Newspoll state voting intention rank (and presumably the last there is, Victoria being redundant) is the October-December result for Queensland, and it adds to a broader polling picture of the Liberal National Party being in an alarmingly weak position even as the election looms into view (the talk being late February). The poll has the LNP and Labor tied on two-party preferred, ending a volatile sequence of polling for the year which started with the LNP leading 52-48 in January-March, than had Labor seizing the lead for the first time by 51-49 in April-June, and then put the LNP in front by 54-46 in August-September.

On the primary vote – particularly important given Queensland’s optional preferential system and high exhaustion rate – Labor has gained four points to reach 36%, the LNP is off two to 37% and the Greens are steady on 10%. The 17% support for other parties threatens to make life unpredictable, despite the fact that it has reflected the decline of Palmer United by dropping nine points since April-June, and two since July-September.

Despite the headline numbers, the personal ratings are slightly better for Campbell Newman this time: he’s up three on approval to 38% and down three on disapproval to 51%, and his lead as preferred premier is out from 41-35 to 44-35. Annastacia Palaszczuk also scores slightly better ratings this time, with approval up two to 38% and disapproval down two to 34%.

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